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Artist — > Audience Graphic

The back cover of the recent spring 2012 issue of +81, the Tokyo-based Japanese-English design magazine, is a clever graphic representation of the relationship between artists and audience.

The spring edition of the magazine is devoted to how the visual identities (VI)  and branding was developed for various art museums around the world, including the Tate, MoCA, the V&A, the New Museum, and Barbican, among many others.

Among the highlights is Q&A interview with MoCA director Jeffrey Deitch and his go-to design partner Patrick Li.. Deitch founded and ran  the eponymous and influential  Deitch Projects gallery in New York City before heading to MoCA in Los Angeles.





Gap “Be Your Own” T-Shirts Billboard in New York City

We haven’t been fans of the Gap. We don’t shop there (though we here recall we bought some

socks and undies at the Gap when we lost our luggage during a trip to LA in the early 2000s, but that’s neither here not there.) We do like this Gap billboard on Lafayette Street in New York City. We like the way the actual t-shirts look and spell out the “T.”

[ Traduction française ci-dessous. | Deutsch Übersetzung unten. | Traducción al español está por debajo de | 以下の日本語訳。]




Nous n’avons pas été fans de l’écart. Nous n’avons pas d’y magasiner. (Bien que, nous rappelons que nous avons acheté des chaussettes et des sous-vêtements à l’écart lorsque nous avons perdu nos bagages lors d’un voyage à Los Angeles dans le début des années 2000.) Quoi qu’il en soit … nous aimons cette lacune panneau publicitaire sur Lafayette Street à New York. Nous aimons la façon dont le réels t-shirts regarder et préciser la lettre «T»

Wir waren nicht Fans der Gap. Wir wissen nicht dort einkaufen. (Obwohl, erinnern wir uns, dass wir ein paar Socken und Unterwäsche gekauft at the Gap, als wir unser Gepäck verloren während einer Reise nach LA in den frühen 2000er Jahren.) Wie auch immer … wir tun, wie diese Lücke Werbetafel in der Lafayette Street in New York City. Wir möchten, wie die Ist T-Shirts aussehen und buchstabieren die Buchstaben “T”

No hemos sido fans de la Brecha. Nosotros no comprar allí. (Aunque, recordamos que hemos comprado unos calcetines y ropa interior en la brecha, cuando hemos perdido nuestro equipaje durante un viaje a Los Ángeles en la década de 2000.) En fin … nos gusta esta brecha vallas publicitarias en Lafayette Street en Nueva York. Nos gusta cómo la reales camisetas mirar y deletrear la letra “T”

我々は、ギャップのファンではなかった。我々はそこに買い物をしないでください。(ただし、我々はいくつかを買ったことを思い出してください我々は2000年代初頭にLAへの旅行中に荷物を失ったギャップで靴下と下着。)とにかく…我々は、ニューヨーク市のラファイエットストリートにあるこのギャップ看板のように行います。我々はTシャツを見て、文字 “T.”を綴る方法、実際の希望

Dain at Untitled

Fresh artwork by the artist Dain outside Untitled, an art gallery on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side of New York City.

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Œuvres d’art frais par l’artiste en dehors Dain Sans titre, une galerie d’art sur ​​Orchard Street, dans le Lower East Side de New York.

Frisches Bildmaterial von der Künstlerin außerhalb des Hauses Dain Untitled, eine Kunstgalerie in der Orchard Street in der Lower East Side von New York City.

Obras de arte fresco por el artista Dain fuera Untitled, una galería de arte en la calle Orchard, en el Lower East Side de Nueva York.


“Siege” by Phyllida Barlow at the New Museum

Some pix below of British artist Phyllida Barlow‘s massive sculptural installation at the New Museum in New York City. Great stuff.

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Quelques photos ci-dessous de l’artiste britannique Phyllida Barlow installation sculpturale massive au New Museum de New York City. Grande!

Einige Fotos unterhalb der massiven skulpturale britischen Künstlers Phyllida Barlow die Installation im New Museum in New York City. Great!

Algunas fotos de abajo de la masiva instalación escultórica del artista británico Phyllida Barlow en el New Museum en Nueva York. Gran!


Coffee Break at Tsutaya x Starbucks at Daikanyama T-Site

A couple of blocks away from Global Graphica’s temporary Tokyo HQ is Daikanyama T-Site, a beautifully manicured and smart new architectural concept for a community-scale urban shopping complex.

While in Tokyo, we’ve been taking some coffee breaks at T-Site, where among the handful of shops is a massive Tsutaya bookstore, part of which is a Starbucks integrated into the architectural design of the store aesthetic. Some pix below.







MoMA Video Projection Project in New York

While part of the Global Graphica team is temporarily in Tokyo, back in here in New York City, we’ve been seeing some cool stuff on the video-projection front. We’ve put together a short clip from some footage Van shot of the recent MoMA video projection event above the Deitch Wall in SoHo. The projection, which displayed user-generated images on a loop, coincided with the recent Kraftwerk retrospective and concerts series at the museum.