The image of U.S. President George Washington as it appears on the American dollar has been turned into a grotesque monster in this scut-paste-copy-color wheat-paste street artwork on Spring Street near the Bowery in New York’s Nolita neighborhood.

Buff monster strikes again with this “thing” on Elizabeth Street near Bowery in Nolita, downtown Manhattan.

We caught the street artist behind “Hanksy” in the act of putting up a large wheat-paste artwork late one night this past week on Orchard Street, in New York’s Lower East Side, just a couple of blocks away from Global Graphica HQ. “Hanksy” is a cheeky homage to British streetContinue Reading

At the French restaurant Tartinery in New York’s Nolita, a neighborhood in downtown Manhattan, the check is presented with this postcard of beautiful black-and-white photography.

Another Fitschen “middle finger” stencil on Spring Street in Nolita, in downtown New York City. The stencil has been covered by a dollar bill paste-up.

We’re at the Guggenheim Museum in New York this afternoon to cover the retrospective exhibition of artist Maurizio Cattelan, called “All.” In the coming hour, we will be live-blogging via our Apple iPhone, posting images of this landmark literally “hanging” show – Cattelan’s artworks are being suspended by ropes fromContinue Reading