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“Gentrification Battlefield” Video Game

“Gentrification Battlefield” is a Dutch video game project pitting the forces of yuppie-hipster invaders against long-time residents of an Amsterdam neighborhood as they fight to control the territory. The game is set in Noord, a real neighborhood in the transition process of gentrification. GB was shown as part of the recent Talk to Me interactive design communication exhibition at MoMA. “Full of awesome,” we say.






Bowery + Houston Streets

Yet more awesomeness at the massive commissioned art space on the wall at the northwest corner of Bowery and Houston streets in downtown New York City. In the past, epic works by international street-art superstars such as Shepard Fairey, Os Gemeos, JR and Keith Haring occupied this space originally curated by Deitch Projects art gallery in SoHo.


ASVP at Lasso

ASVP put up fresh wheat-paste artwork on a column at Lasso, a hip pizza-by-the-slice place that is also a small shrine of street art in Nolita, in New York City. This ASVP piece references a mini-pantheon of images the duo have created in recent years, each a stand-alone work of art wheat-pasted often throughout the city and elsewhere.






“Talk to Me” at MoMA – Part 3

“Export to World” is a project by German artists Linda Kostowski and Sascha Pohflepp based in Linz, Austria. For their project, they create paper representations of digital representations of real objects, which are sold as kits in their Linz shop.


La Colombe Espresso Cup n’ Saucer

The saucer that comes with the espresso cup at the MoMA Cafe is cleverly branded with the name of the coffee — La Colombe — in a beautiful, understated handwritten script. The name appears in the middle of the saucer such that it is seen only when the drinker has lifted the cup to sip the espresso. Check the pix below …



Design of “The Passenger” Movie Poster

We have always loved the film “The Passenger.” The movie was directed by legendary Italian filmmaker Michelangelo Antonioni and stars Jack Nicholson. The graphic design of the movie poster alludes to a cinematic and aesthetic style of the mid-1970s Europe that we find beguiling. “The Passenger” is a great, innovative and mesmerizing piece of filmmaking. Years after its theatrical release, Nicholson himself bought the rights to the film.

Giant Triple Mushrooms Sculpture

German artist Carsten Holler’s “Giant Triple Mushrooms, 2010.” The artwork is part of the Carsten Holler Experience, a retrospective exhibition at the New Museum in New York City.

Untitled Gallery Sneak Peak

A look at the space at Untitled Gallery on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. These pix reveal the space as it is between shows and as it was in the process of having its next exhibition mounted. Paper has been put over the windows to hide the process and work from view until the show opening. The glass is not entirely covered and the gap affords us a peak inside.



Revisiting the Meat Packing District

A few months ago we posted a short video sampling (see below) of the urban scenery in New York City’s Meat Packing District.

A lot of people have asked us about the specific locations, street art and landmarks shown in the clip, the first such video in Global Graphica’s “Visual Culture” series.

We’re posting the video again with an annotated list of the shots and visuals captured in the clip in the order of appearance. Here is the list …

1. Intersection of 14th Street and Ninth Avenue, looking east.

2. W. 14th Street, looking east from the High Line Park

3. Porter House, 66 Ninth Avenue – Building by SHoP Architects

4. 14th Street, looking west between the High Line and Ninth Avenue

5. Tree foliage on W. 14th Street

6. Outdoor antique chandelier hanging from awning at Rubin Chappelle shop

7. Angry Birds wheat-paste street art

8. Uncle Moneybags (Monopoloy) wheat-paste street art by the artist ALEC

9. “Passing Through at the Standard” (with “Companion” character) by the artist Kaws

10. Geometric glass penthouse atop the Diane von Furstenburg (DVF) building

11. Stencil of photographer Terry Richardson with iconic “thumb up” pose in stairwell entrance to subway station at 14th Street and Eighth Avenue

12. Vitra storefront

13. Apple store – Chelsea

14. Hanging Apple logo sign – Apple store, Chelsea

15. Belvedere vodka billboard and NYC taxis on Greenwich Street at 14th Street

16. Soho House building, Greenwich Street

17. Ceiling Lights in High Line passage between 15th and 16th streets

Visual Culture in the NYC Meat Packing District from Super Core on Vimeo.


Steve Jobs Street Art

Clever optical use of a vertical-rail fence for some sliced-up wheat-paste street art images of the late Apple co-founder and CEO Steve Jobs in NoHo, in downtown New York City.

There are two images of Jobs here: One when he was young and one more recent, when he was older. Depending on which direction your headed on the street and your position you can see one of the two photos which become visible as you walk along the sidewalk.