Monthly Archives: November 2011

Supercool Ad Agency Lights

We are in love with these white lights in the elevator landing at the advertising agency and production agency offices shared by Firstborn, 360i, and their parent company, the Japanese ad network Dentsu America, in TriBeCa, in downtown New York City. The lights run up the wall and across the ceiling and create the effect of a architectural, physical shift of the space,




I Heart You by Maurizio Cattelan

A photo spread in New York Magazine of a famous image by the Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan. The artwork is a visual, visceral and grimly literal play on the phrase “I Love You,” or “I ‘heart’ you.” The heart is an actual heart. Cattelan’s work is part of a major and ground-breaking exhibition at the Guggenheim Museum in New York this month, in which, at the artist’s request, all of his major sculptural/installation works are being hung from the ceiling of the museum’s massive, iconic rotunda. The legendary architect of the Guggenheim, Frank Lloyd Wright, could never have imagined it.

Vintage Mini Discs Collection

We were rummaging around the closet at Global Graphica HQ in New York a couple of weeks ago when we found an old box with a bunch of old electronics gear crammed into it: A tangle of USB and Firewire cords, old cellphones and their chargers, adaptors, earbuds, various keyboard mice (mouses), etc.

We also found a long, translucent plastic case by Japanese brand Muji. The case was designed specifically for containing MD’s, or Mini Discs. The case was full of these square storage devices. The Mini Disc player and its disc format were a huge hit in Japan in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. But Mini Discs never took off in America, and eventually (and thankfully) the much better Apple iPod effectively killed off the all the competition in personal-audio technology product category, including the Mini Disc.

Before throwing all the old electronic junk out, we took a picture of some of the various discs. See below.