Wheat-paste street art poster by artist Dylan Egon of Native American in traditional garb and toting a modern, high-powered assault gun near the corner of Wooster and Grand streets in SoHo, in downtown Manhattan, NYC.

Wheat-paste street art of a super cute toy robot posted on Crosby Street in SoHo, in downtown New York City.

An expat British filmmaker friend of ours living in Berlin has an intriguing collection of furniture in his apartment, in the Prenzlauer-Berg neighborhood of the German capital. The awesomest item of decor and furnishing is the wall shelf that doubles as a light made from the letters “r” and “t”Continue Reading

Picture of the eco-friendly and beautifully designed Casa Camper hotel in Berlin at night. The room numbers are displayed on the windows of each unit. The hotel has another location in Barcelona, Spain, and was developed by the Spanish shoe company Camper. The hotel aesthetic and ethos are aligned withContinue Reading

Local New York City classical music radio station WQXR has taken a cue from and cleverly appropriated street-art superstar artist Shepard Fairey’s Obey / Giant Has a Posse imagery for an ad campaign promoting Beethoven Awareness Month.

Wheat-paste street art of Frankenstein wearing hipster plastic blinds sunglasses (a la Kanye West in 2008) at the corner of Bowery and Spring streets in downtown Manhattan. UPDATE: This work is called “Meet Franken West” by artist Max Arocena. Check out more of the artist’s work on the website Arocena.tv.

Some pix from the second 2011 Tokyo Design Festa held at the Big Sight in Odaiba, in Tokyo, Japan. The event is kind of like an art fair for students and is mostly a hit or miss affair with a lot of forgettable artworks, but it is a great outletContinue Reading

Recent work by street art collective known as the London Police. This small work of street art is not much to get excited about, but it’s good to see TLP active and present in NYC. This work can be found at the corner of Delancey and Christie streets, near theContinue Reading

Fresh art work by Bast on Crosby Street in SoHo. It’s the first new work by the artist we’ve seen in the neighborhood in a long, long time. Where have you been, Bast?

Degraded street art and Cortelyou sticker mashup on the base of a lamp post in SoHo, in New York City.

Knocked down Stop Sign (and One Way sign) at the corner of Crosby and Prince streets in SoHo, in New York City. When photographed with a flash, the reflective material of the sign brightly pops visually in stark contrast to the surroundings. Love that effect.

The blue-light wall with its surface of bumps at the recently opened second outpost of the Pan American, a pan-Latin style restaurant on Mott Street in Nolita, in downtown Manhattan.

The original AT&T Building in TriBeCa in downtown Manhattan. Ironically AT&T cell phone coverage in the blocks surrounding the building, especially to the immediate east and south of the building is terrible.