Monthly Archives: November 2011

Holiday in Los Angeles

We’ve decamped from New York City to spend a few days in Los Angeles during the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday period. Below is the view from B’s car of the Century City skyline in West LA. 20111125-135218.jpg

Classic Obey

This massive wheat-paste street-art piece by Shepard Fairey (of Obey / “Giant Has a Posse” fame) features a gang of kids posing with weapons-like sticks on the side of an old building in SoHo, at the corner of Wooster and Grand streets in New York City.

Styrofoam Tunnel by Carsten Holler

This massive styrofoam tunnel by artist Carsten Holler is called “Swinging Curve” and is on view at the New Museum in New York as part of a retrospective exhibition called the Carsten Holler Experience.