Insight’s massive black-and-white mural of the late, great former Beatles member John Lennon on the side of the Five Guys hamburger restaurant in Pacific Beach, in San Diego, California

Pix of the beautifully designed entrance and gallery space of  Berlin Weekly ( on Linienstraase, near the heart of the Berlin art and galleries district on Augustestrasse. The artwork in the space changes weekly and is often focused on presenting a single work prominently at the front of its smallContinue Reading

We love the minimal, clean package design of Bonanza Espresso, a brand of coffee roasted at the Bonanza Coffee Heroes cafe in Berlin’s Prenzlauer-Berg neighborhood, in the former East German part of the capital.

Some clever marketers have come up with an idea for putting QR codes on the tops of buildings such that the code can be seen on Google Maps and Google Earth satellite photos. The concept is to essentially leverage rooftops as ad space that then becomes part of the photographicContinue Reading

A super-awesome yarn-bombed shopping cart by the the artist Olek (a.k.a., Agata Olek) in the New York City Meat Packing District. We’ve featured work by Olek before and are fans of the NYC-based Polish artist, who also blogs about her work.

We found this wonderful piece of stencil street art in Berlin’s Scheunenviertel neighborhood in Mitte. The stencil image is of German chancellor Angela Merkel and has been spay painted onto a page of broadsheet newspaper and wheat-pasted to a stone wall.

Here’s another view looking northwest from the MoMA P.S.1 contemporary art museum in Queens. In distance is the Manhattan skyline encompassing parts of Midtown and the Upper East Side and the iconic landmark of the Queensborough Bridge. In the foreground is the largely residential and post-industrial neighborhood of Long IslandContinue Reading

The view north from MoMA P.S.1, a contemporary-art museum in Long Island City Queens. Across the street is a large graffiti message painted on the side of a tenement apartment building: “No Tengo $ Pero Tengo.” In the distance is the Queensborough Bridge connecting Queens to Manhattan, which is onContinue Reading

One of many “Berlin is a Beach” street art posters we saw wheat-pasted around the hipper parts of Mitte around the Scheunenviertel and Prenzalauer-Berg areas in the eastern part of the German capital. The one pictured below was along Weinmeisterstrasse, near a slew of designer shops.

Visual design of food: The cocoa nibs stuck to the side of this dark chocolate bar from the Francois Payard Bakery, a patisserie in New York City’s SoHo, add a layer of texture that makes this confection all the more visually appealing and appetizing.

This white Range Rover parked on W. 14th Street in New York’s Meat Packing District is an official NYC-licensed livery car and has been DIY brand-hacked, the Range Rover logo replaced with a personally branded ornament with a clown icon on an after-market grill.

A beautifully designed Ducati motorcycle parked on the sidewalk on W. 14th Street in the Meat Packing District in New York City.

Another one of those RK placards tied to a New York City traffic sign pole. The artwork is usually a part stencil-art images of a beautiful model-type woman.