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3D Images at Berlin-Weekly Gallery

Pix of the beautifully designed entrance and gallery space of  Berlin Weekly ( on Linienstraase, near the heart of the Berlin art and galleries district on Augustestrasse.

The artwork in the space changes weekly and is often focused on presenting a single work prominently at the front of its small storefront, which is illuminated at night.

The pix below include shots of stereographic images created by the fashion photographer  Valentino Griscioli. Instructions  explaining how to view the work and experience its 3D effect  appear on the glass window at the front of the gallery.









Uniqlo Pop-Up Shop in the Light of Day

Another look at the Uniqlo mobile pop-up store that was set-up at the recent DUMBO Arts Festival in Brooklyn, in New York City. This time we view it in the light of day, rather than at night.

The previous post has photos of the shop as it appeared at night in its full luminescent glory. Below we see the shop in daylight across the plaza under the Manhattan Bridge at Plymouth Street.

The last image below shows the Uniqlo structure through the stairwell window of a massive warehouse of residential lofts and artists studios, where Global Graphica was temporarily headquartered for a few weeks this past Spring.

uniqlo-mobile-pop-up-store-shop-dumbo-brooklyn-daytime-fashion-brands-japanese-new -york-city-sumer-2011-1

uniqlo-mobile-pop-up-store-shop-dumbo-brooklyn-daytime-fashion-brands-japanese-new -york-city-sumer-2011-2

uniqlo-mobile-pop-up-store-shop-dumbo-brooklyn-daytime-fashion-brands-japanese-new -york-city-sumer-2011-4

QR Codes on Rooftops

Some clever marketers have come up with an idea for putting QR codes on the tops of buildings such that the code can be seen on Google Maps and Google Earth satellite photos.

The concept is to essentially leverage rooftops as ad space that then becomes part of the photographic record (for free) on Google’s popular mapping service.

Creating the giant QR codes and putting them on the buildings, however, is not free, with one company charging about $8,500 to do so.


Angela Merkel Stencil in Berlin

We found this wonderful piece of stencil street art in Berlin’s Scheunenviertel neighborhood in Mitte. The stencil image is of German chancellor Angela Merkel and has been spay painted onto a page of broadsheet newspaper and wheat-pasted to a stone wall.




Manhattan View

Here’s another view looking northwest from the MoMA P.S.1 contemporary art museum in Queens. In distance is the Manhattan skyline encompassing parts of Midtown and the Upper East Side and the iconic landmark of the Queensborough Bridge. In the foreground is the largely residential and post-industrial neighborhood of Long Island City.


View from MoMA P.S.1

The view north from MoMA P.S.1, a contemporary-art museum in Long Island City Queens. Across the street is a large graffiti message painted on the side of a tenement apartment building: “No Tengo $ Pero Tengo.” In the distance is the Queensborough Bridge connecting Queens to Manhattan, which is on the left of the image.

The P.S.1 is in a massive, renovated and re-purposed former public school building and an extension of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art. It tends to feature the art of  younger, up-and-coming artists and sometimes fills its galleries with additional work of artists with larger shows at MoMA in Midtown Manhattan.

no-tengo-pero-tengo-long-island-city-moma-ps1-view-museums-new-york-queens- summer-2011-graffit-across the-street-manhattan

Berlin is Beach

One of many “Berlin is a Beach” street art posters we saw wheat-pasted around the hipper parts of Mitte around the Scheunenviertel and Prenzalauer-Berg areas in the eastern part of the German capital. The one pictured below was along Weinmeisterstrasse, near a slew of designer shops.


Clown-Branded White Range Rover

This white Range Rover parked on W. 14th Street in New York’s Meat Packing District is an official NYC-licensed livery car and has been DIY brand-hacked, the Range Rover logo replaced with a personally branded ornament with a clown icon on an after-market grill.





Another one of those RK placards tied to a New York City traffic sign pole. The artwork is usually a part stencil-art images of a beautiful model-type woman.