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Olek Yarn Bombed Bike at Acne

Another of Olek’s (a.k.a., Polish-born, New York-based artist Olek Agata’s) yarn-bombed bicycles in New York City. This one is parked in front of the Acne clothing shop in SoHo and looks weathered, the usual saturated hues Olek uses for these knitted artworks appear faded and lighter here due, we presume, to exposure to the elements.

Acne Shop, SoHo

The entrance to the Acne shop in SoHo, in downtown New York City. Acne is a Swedish clothing brand and one of our favorite clothing brands (and, actually, one of our favorite brands in general) along A.P.C., Paul Smith, Uniqlo, Tretorn, Vince, Raf Simons, Scotch & Soda, Helmet Lang, and Osklen.

Ken Rock

Here’s a picture of “Ken Rock,” a.k.a., artist Ken Hiratsuka, who we met at an open studio reception in Brooklyn last night. Ken is something of an underground art legend in New York. His work is literally part of the city — he’s famous for his sculptural carvings in the old stone slabs of NYC sidewalks, especially downtown. One of his best known works can be found at the corner of Prince and Broadway streets in the heart of of SoHo.

Face SoHo

Massive black-and-white street art mural image of a suited man’s painted face across the side of a building near the corner of Wooster and Grand streets in SoHo and the former site of the Deitch Projects art gallery. The artwork is by JR and part of the Inside Out Project.


Seven Days in the Art World

We just finished reading this dogeared and worn paperback edition of Sarah Thornton’s “Seven Days in the Art World,” which seems to be still selling relatively briskly since it was published a couple of years ago.

The book is great, revealing and entertaining non-fiction read, though we wonder how accurate a portrayal it really is given that it’s one point of view and subjective.


“Chakuza” in Bangkok

Painted outdoor advertisement for the Oishi beverage company’s “Chakuza” brand canned green-tea drink in the Bang Rak neighborhood of Bangkok, Thailand.

Oddly (and perhaps tellingly about Thai consumer psychology), Oishi is a Thai soft-drink company with an affected Japanese name and brand imagery. “Oishi” means delicious in Japanese.

Chakuza itself is an even more curious name. It’s like a portmanteau of the Japanese words “cha,” which means tea, and “yakuza,” the term used to refer to organized crime gangs.

Chakuza is also, coincidentally, the name of an Austrian hip hop artist, which is interesting because our friend Julia, who sent us this picture from Bangkok, is Austrian.

Thanks for the pic, Julia!

Julia Schuster Photo. Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.

Cool Green Motorbike

We’re not into motorcycles. Don’t ride them. But we’re fans of design and stumbled across this green motorbike parked in Chinatown on a recent evening and suddenly wished we could take it out on the highway.

Tapestry Made of Paper Debris from the Twin Towers

Artist Elena del Rivero’s massive installation artwork “[Swi:t] Home: A CHANT” is a rich, touching work drawing on the creator’s experience living in downtown New York City, across the street from the World Trade Center in 2001.

Over several years, the artist catalogued and documented some 3,000 articles of paper were among the debris from the offices of the Twin Towers that inundated were apartment.

Rivero has sewn these into a large hanging fabric, which is on view in the Lobby Gallery at the New Museum in New York City

Opening Ceremony Logo Sticker & Bandanna Print Paper

Last summer we bought an awesome Acne t-shirt at Opening Ceremony’s shop on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood, in Los Angeles, and the tee came carefully wrapped in this tissue paper printed in a classic blue bandanna pattern.

From a distance, it looked like a real cloth bandanna, but on closer-inspection is was  obvious that it was wrapping tissue. We love when brands create experiences with clever,  whimsical, playful design with that dash of surprise that adds to the fun of  overall experience with the product or service.

The logo sticker that holds the folded tissue together around the shirt is pretty awesome, too.

Steve Jobs Memorialized on Apple Website

Co-founder and former CEO of Apple Computer, Steve Jobs passed away this week. The Apple website has memorialized Jobs on the home page of the company’s website – See screenshot below.

The news of Jobs’ death was sad, shocking and momentous.

In addition to his many achievements in computer technology, design, product invention, branding and marketing with Apple, Jobs’ vision, products and aesthetic have had a profound, massive influence on contemporary visual grammar and global culture, be it design, advertising, user-experience, animation, music, etc., and, of course, the software and hardware, the very tools we use to create and produce.

Thank you, Steve. Respect. Rest in peace.

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