Was Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi’s killer a New York Yankees fan? Was his executioner partial to graphic t-shirts?

The dramatic newspaper pictures and headlines of the late Libyan leader’s capture and captors suggest so (in typical hyperbolic New York style). Check out the pix of various New York City newspapers below. Compare the covers and headlines of the irrepressible New York Post versus the Daily News and the Times.

In any case, it’s unlikely, we think, that Qaddafi’s killer was into baseball. As for the graphic tee, well, the kid’s got style.

The Yankees hat, we suspect, has more to do with the global influence and mutations of American hip-hop culture and  its fashion signifiers in its most trickled down, distilled, re-encoded ways. That is, it’s code. It’s style.

There’s some symbolic irony and cognitive dissonance in the images below, given the clothes, the gun, and political and historical and, of course, the cultural context.

Some journalists have speculated that the Yankees hat and t-shirt are being worn as a matter of some  accident, that Qaddafi’s captor is wearing these specific clothes as a result of private charitable clothing donations ( a la World Vision ) to third-world countries such as Libya, which may be an explanation. But, in this case, we think it’s more about style.