Global Graphica has been settling back into NYC after an excellent, fun and incredibly productive trip to Berlin. We met a lot of awesome people, went to a lot great places and saw tons of cool things while we were staying in the German capital. (We also had some remarkably good coffee and a few beers along the way.)

Our trip and the Global Graphica Berlin Project would not have been possible without the local knowledge, logistical support, and creative advice of a lot of great folks. So Global Graphica gives a big, mighty shout-out and “THANK YOU!” to Imre, Gero, Yui, Angelo, Adam, Sandra, Umbom, Carlo, Cory, Yasmindo, Claude, Claire, Ben, Damian and Haydee, Eric, and the folks at Keyser Soze, Casa Camper, and Bonanza Coffee Heroes. Danke!

We’ll be continuing to post images to the site from the Berlin Project in the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned.