Skippy L., a good Friend of Global Graphica, demonstrates the proper way of doing lines on a mirror … lines of brown sugar and chocolate, that is, with orange wedges and mini-carafes of high-end sipping rum courtesy of the owners of Pan American, a Latin bistro in Nolita, in downtownContinue Reading

Japanese fashion design and retailing brand Uniqlo opened a luminescent mobile pop-up store in New York City for the DUMBO Arts Festival in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The store was set up at the based of the Manhattan Bridge near Plymouth Street. Its exterior walls were translucent sliding panels.

The wonderful Pantone colors bridge on a building hoarding in DUMBO, Brooklyn, as part of the 2011 DUMBO Arts Festival.

Artists Clara de Tezanos and JJ Estrada of the La Fototeca Guatemala created a mobile camera obscura from a shipping container. The camera obscura, which accommodates about six people at a time,  was set up near New York’s East River waterfront between the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges at the DUMBOContinue Reading

Awesome, limited-edition New Balance sneakers worn by one of the dudes working at Blue and Cream, a select clothing shop on the Bowery in downtown Manhattan.

Photos below of highlights and the sign to the entrance of the Video DUMBO, a group artists exhibition of video, light-installations, and projection artworks in a massive warehouse in the DUMBO neighborhood of Brooklyn. (DUMBO is an acronym derived from the real-estate designation for the neighborhood: “Down Under the ManhattanContinue Reading

The live-video installation and pop-up store for Giorgio Armani eyewear in the Meat Packing District during Fashions Night Out, a massive global retail event that coincides with New York Fashion Week in autumn, when designers’ Spring/Summer collections are shown.

The “Never Forget” firetruck lists the names of all the NYFD firefighters killed in the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Center. To mark the tenth anniversary of the tragedy, the truck was parked prominently on Lafayette Street in SoHo.

We managed to get out of a meeting at the office relatively early last week, early enough at least such that it was still light out as we exited onto 14th Street in the Meat Packing and we caught the last moments of sunset. This pic shows the view lookingContinue Reading

New York City street art: “Made in China” poster on Ludlow Street, near Hester Street, on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

We recently went to a meeting at Apple Computer’s New York City office where the company runs its iPad Apps advertising operations. The decor there is fully consistent with the brand and the minimalist, beautiful and functional style of its products. Below, pictures of the reception area outside a suiteContinue Reading

At Tacombi, a Mexican restaurant on Elizabeth Street in Nolita, in New York City, an old-school Volkswagen bus has been turned into  taco truck and parked inside the restaurant. Patrons pick up their orders from the VW van when their number is called. Gimmicky, sure, but a fun aesthetic touchContinue Reading

We’re not sure whether this is supposed to be an image of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il in this street-art piece on Ludlow Street, in the Lower East Side of New York City, but in any case the man is pointing upwards  while Los Angeles Dodgers baseball players are depictedContinue Reading

The New York Times looks at how various weekly magazines around the world have designed the covers for the current issue covering the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.