Monthly Archives: June 2011

Not Just Another Nail Salon

A wonderful use of graffiti scrawl as signage and marketing on a roller shutter: “Not just another nail salon” references the small business behind the metal gate, which might be inferred is a nail salon, but is in fact an art gallery (and not just another nail salon). Clever.

not-just-another-nail-salon-roller-shutter-chelsea-arts-galleries, district-new-york-city-spring-2011

Dope Summer Shirt

Snapped in the Meat Packing District of New York City, we saw this dude with a dope tee. We hate this fella’s overall style (it’s just not to our taste), but we love the orange tank top with the leaf graphics on the back. It would be a good after-surf shirt, worn nicely while cupping an icy tumbler filled with a caipirinha near the beach in, say, Leblon, Rio de Janeiro. We’ll take one of those, please.


Brooklyn Pastoral

From our City Life file … Pic of the beautiful, lush garden behind a couple of of old tenement apartment buildings in East Williamsburg, in Brooklyn, where friends of Global Graphica hosted a recent BBQ party. No graffiti or street art here in the garden, but in the front of the building  there’s a lot. It’s like two different worlds.


Backwards Milk Studios Van

A production van for the acclaimed Milk Studios on the border of the Meat Packing District and Chelsea in downtown New York City. In a clever design flourish, the Milk logotype has been rendered backwards on the side of the van.


Woah! Giant Kaws Sculpture at Standard Hotel

A giant sculpture by the artist (and infamous former graffiti writer) Kaws of his famous, iconic cartoon character sits, head in hands, crying in the small plaza in front of the Standard Hotel in the Meat Packing District, in downtown New York City.






A Preview of the New Whitney Museum

Below is New York Magazine photo with computer-generated rendering of the building that will be the new home to the Whitney Museum. The influential Upper East Side art institution is moving downtown to the Meat Packing District and closer to one of Manhattan’s newer, grander hubs of creative influence and culture. The NY Mag article was a critical and harsh review of the building’s architecture.