Our third post on the Ginger Ale graffiti ad painting in progress at the corner of Canal and Ludlow streets in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. There the artists build out the rest of the ad that wraps around the corner and put some final touches on the details.

Check out this massive outdoor billboard-style ad for Dos Equis (XX) beer painted on the side of an apartment building at the corner of Delancey and Allen streets  in the fashionable Lower East Side of Manhattan. The ad features the popular and funny  “Most Interesting Man in the World” characterContinue Reading

“Who is Jeff Wallace?” this sidewalk sign asks passersby on East Houston Street. Wallace is a bespectacled and bearded “resident beer guru” in the incredibly curated beer store within the Whole Foods supermarket at Bowery and Houston street in the Lower East Side of downtown New York City.

“You Would” strikes again. This time on an orange street cone on the sidewalk on Ludlow Street near Hester Street in the Lower East Side of downtown Manhattan, New York City. Lots more examples of “You Would” on Flickr.

The annual Kentucky Derby, the premier horse race event in the United States, is this weekend. We don’t really care for the sport, but we couldn’t help but notice and appreciate the colorful and varied designs of the jerseys the horse jockeys wear. Each unique shirt is associated with aContinue Reading

Last year the artist Olek ( a.k.a., Agata Oleksiak) covered an entire vintage Volkswagen Beetle in colorful crocheted yarn as part of an exhibition at the Henry Gallery in New York City. The yarnbombed car was parked on the street for months in front of the gallery. Here is moreContinue Reading

Celebrated fashion photographer and New Yorker Terry Richardson has had his image created as stencil street art.  These stencils of him in his signature “thumbs up” pose have been cropping up recently around downtown New York City (we don’t know who is creating the stencils). We found this one onContinue Reading

The logotype and window signage at the wonderful Project No. 8, an awesomely stylish shop with an astute and beautifully curated selection of clothing, accessories and small lifestyle goods. The shop is at the corner of Hester and Orchard streets in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in downtown NewContinue Reading

Seeing this decaying bench in Daimon, a neighborhood in central Tokyo, Japan, reminds us of the Japanese expression mono no aware, a concept often translated as “the sadness of things.” It also brings to mind the aesthetic concept of wabi sabi. Something about this modern piece of public furniture inContinue Reading

POV shot of the branded carpeting (and some feet) in the elevator at the Zero hotel in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan.

On the day the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death was reported, the New York Times went with the screaming headline on the front page of its website. The big headline is reserved for news of major importance. We hadn’t see one for a long while and it’s interesting toContinue Reading

From our City Life file … the annual May Day protest march for the International Day of the Worker, which paraded down Broadway through SoHo earlier this afternoon.

This week we added a striking new volume from Taschen to our library of coffee-table photography books at Global Graphica HQ. “Leroy Grannis, Surf Photography of the 1960s and 1970s” is a massive retrospective collection of iconic photographs by one of the leading image-makers of the the genre and theContinue Reading