Armored Baby Stroller

This armored baby stroller is an artwork by Czech artist Kristof Kintera. The work is titled “Bad Innovation in the … More

Vintage Book Cover Design

We were walking up Lafayette Street when we found this vintage-style Western-adventure paperback novel set on the steps to a … More

Cursive Roll-up Shutter

Thing of beauty. Love the line(s).  This looks like the cursive typographical lines used in a recent tequila ad campaign … More

Interview with Edward Tufte

We recently stumbled upon  an interview with “information sage” Edward Tufte in the Washington Monthly. The statistician and graphic design … More

Love Me Forklift

“Love Me” ( a.k.a., Curtis Kulig) strikes again. Rather than a painted graffiti scrawl, this instance is a sticker on … More

Fashion Show on the Street

Fashion Forward Fashion Show is just that, a fashion show but an unusual one that’s really more a local promotional … More

Terry Barrier

We found another stencil of downtown celebrity-fashion photographer Terry Richardson in the Meat Packing District. This one is on a … More

Building-Size Desigual Ad

Following on the successes of other Spanish clothing retailers such as Zara and Mango, Desigual entered the U.S. market a … More

James Perse’s Japan Window

To raise awareness and charitable contributions for victims of the Japan’s recent Tohoku Earthquake disaster, acclaimed clothing designer James Perse … More