This armored baby stroller is an artwork by Czech artist Kristof Kintera. The work is titled “Bad Innovation in the Name of Protection (Gulf Style)” and was featured in a 2007 exhibition called “Problems on Top of Problems” at the Schleicher+Lange  Gallery in Paris a few years ago (see secondContinue Reading

We were walking up Lafayette Street when we found this vintage-style Western-adventure paperback novel set on the steps to a cast-iron building. (The building was near the mysteriously plain and discreet false-back-front entrance to Imperial Nine and the Mondrian Hotel SoHo.) The book seemed to have been placed on theContinue Reading

Our man in Los Angeles, Josh, snapped pictures of this massive work by Mr. Brainwash (Thierry Guetta) on Santa Monica Boulevard.  The usual brainwash visuals and messaging are deployed here: Warholian homagery a la Campbell’s soup-can, 1970s-’80s “Memorex Man” TV commercial image and “Life is beautiful.” Mr. Brainwash, as manyContinue Reading

In the first post in our new “Creators” series of profiles and interviews, Global Graphica producer Van Corsa speaks with Major Deegan, a.k.a., “Seymour Templar,” a.k.a., New York City-based Belgian photographer Daniel Puissant … How would describe yourself? I’m an artist and I utilize any kind of medium to expressContinue Reading

Thing of beauty. Love the line(s).  This looks like the cursive typographical lines used in a recent tequila ad campaign (can’t remember the name of the specific brand of Mexican spirit), but this is not an obvious ad. Hmm ….

We recently stumbled upon  an interview with “information sage” Edward Tufte in the Washington Monthly. The statistician and graphic design theorist is one of our heroes of visual culture. From the article … Edward Tufte occupies a revered and solitary place in the world of graphic design. Over the lastContinue Reading

“Love Me” ( a.k.a., Curtis Kulig) strikes again. Rather than a painted graffiti scrawl, this instance is a sticker on a forklift in the Chinatown part of the Lower East Side.

Fashion Forward Fashion Show is just that, a fashion show but an unusual one that’s really more a local promotional event. The show was staged on a blocked off stretch of Broome St. between Orchard and Ludlow streets in a neighborhood enclave increasingly influential in the New York and internationalContinue Reading

Two years ago Air France Flight 447 suddenly disappeared above the Atlantic ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris. A recent New York Times Magazine feature article titled “The Deepest End” looks closely at the investigation and explains why the investigation has been so difficult and taken soContinue Reading

The beautiful floor lit from below at Chelsea Market in New York City.  The market is an early, successful and massive example of the re-purposing of old industrial space on Manhattan’s West Side for mixed use office and retail space. Many original industrial artifacts have been integrated into the newContinue Reading

We found another stencil of downtown celebrity-fashion photographer Terry Richardson in the Meat Packing District. This one is on a concrete road barrier under the High Line  at W. 14th Street, in New York City. More Terry Richardson stencil stuff was recently posted on the site and you can readContinue Reading

Following on the successes of other Spanish clothing retailers such as Zara and Mango, Desigual entered the U.S. market a couple of years ago and has increased the visibility of its colorful brand in bigger and bolder ways. Here an entire building in New York City’s Herald Square shopping districtContinue Reading

To raise awareness and charitable contributions for victims of the Japan’s recent Tohoku Earthquake disaster, acclaimed clothing designer James Perse has designed a clever window display at the brand’s shops on Bleecker Street in New York’s West Village. The window shows a Japanese flag or hi no maru. The sunContinue Reading

A beautiful message on the wall of the guest room in a photographer friend’s downtown New York City apartment: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Paintings by artist Matt Siren hang in Panade, a cafe that doubles as a gallery on Eldridge Street in the Lower East Side of downtown New York City. Below the delicious oatmeal and chocolate chip cookie they serve at Panade.