The wonderful photography of New York City street life circa 1973-1978 has been captured by photographer Paul McDonough, whose work was recently shown at Sasha Wolf Gallery in NYC. Check out the trove McDonough’s images on the gallery’s website. Thanks to another renowned street photographer, Major Deegan, (a.k.a., Daniel Puissant,Continue Reading

The awesome pink piano belonging to singer/songwriter Leslie Stevens, front-person of the L.A. alt-country band Leslie Stevens and the Badgers. The piano sits in the living room of a hilltop house and studio near Silver Lake, in Los Angeles, and has been played by a list of accomplished musicians, includingContinue Reading

We don’t really pay attention to the Super Bowl game itself and this year was no exception. But, of course, in what has become as big an event and tradition as the epic football match, we’ve watched, rated and discussed the many TV commercials that aired during the live broadcastContinue Reading

Beautiful, vintage, pristine 1980’s time-trial ( TT ) bike by Giacinto Benotto. Italian industrial bicycle design at its finest, perhaps. More information at CycleExif.

The wonderful art work of G.R. Irana: “The Dead Smile” at the Aicon ( Asian Contemporary) Gallery in NoHo in downtown New York City.

Laughing out loud. We recently stumbled upon this in the bathroom of a wonderfully decorated and stylish  home in Los Angeles.

Beautiful art work by artist / graphic designer Jean Bevier titled “Operations are Standing By.”

Our beautiful margarita during a break at the recent Art Los Angeles Contemporary art-fair.

Awesome video pitting two dudes (Rhett and Link) and their awesomely stop-action animated graphical t-shirts. Reminds us a bit of the awesome Justice video for that awesome tune “D.A.N.C.E.” a few years ago. A brilliant ploy to sell some tees in the process. Awesome stuff. Thanks to Mayumi for tippingContinue Reading

Lots of Internet lulz here in this short video wherein Web meme and viral superstar Keyboard Cat spoofs British street-art star Banksy and his Oscar-nominated documentary film “Exit Through the Gift Shop.” The feline mockumentary is titled “Exit Through the Pet Shop.”

The events of the past couple of weeks in Egypt have put the country in the global headlines. Watching   cable TV news of  the protests in Cairo and seeing the Egyptian flag gave us pause to consider the most visible symbols of a nation’s identity, in essence, its brand.Continue Reading

Some quick pix of somebody else’s awesomely stylish Lotus Elise, which we noticed parked in the lot in front of an ad agency’s office in Los Angeles a couple of days ago. We’re not really into cars (we’re New Yorkers), but we love the aesthetic of this machine. The designContinue Reading

Pix of a performance art group Team Zatara on stage in the Amphitheatre (a temporary stage setting created with empty art crates) at the Art Los Angeles Contemporary art fair held this past weekend at the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. The group used costumes covered with Q-codes and invitedContinue Reading