Monthly Archives: February 2011

Reggae Central Poster

We were at Groundwork organic coffee in Venice when we found this wonderful flyer for the Reggae Central, a weekend radio show on the station 90.7 FM KPFK in Los Angeles. BTW, the dude on the poster is the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie I, who is also one of the deities of the rastafari movement that originated in Jamaica.


The Shadow EBike

As reported in Gizmodo, the new Shadow “Ebike” pictured below is an electric bike that contains a drive controller and motor in its front wheel, as well as a lithium-ion battery, LED display and USB port for charging electronic gadgets, like your iPhone or iPod, using electricity generated by the bicycle itself. It’s the first of a kind. Pretty freaking awesome. (Thanks to A. for the tip!)


The MoMA Baby Icon

The Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA ) in New York has introduced the baby icon in its restrooms signage to indicate the presence of baby-changing stations. We love this logo and expect to see it elsewhere in the future as part of the canon of international symbols.




Scenes from MoMA

In our new ongoing “Scenes From a …” series, we’re posting images snapped at museums and similar places and events. In this post, we start with some recent pix we took at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City. MoMA is among our favorite physical spaces in NYC. Art aside, it’s has many places within it’s wondrous complex for sitting in contemplation, meditation and people watching. In this image, a visitor is reading the wall card for the displayed poster, part of a German architectural design exhibition currently showing at MoMA.


Who Runs New York?

We were tidying up our temporary LA HQ (a.k.a., Global Graphica West) and throwing out a pile of old mags when we came across this recent issue of New York Magazine with an awesome cover. We LOVE this cover. This “Whi Runs New York?” edition of the mag was one of their best in months.


Green Fixie

Walking around the Abbott-Kinney section of the Venice neighborhood, in Los Angeles, we see a lot of awesome bicycles parked on the sidewalks. Here’s a beautiful green-and-black fixed gear (or fixie) bike locked up in front of Intelligentsia Coffee.


Ghost Boy Stencil

Ghostly stencil street art of a boy’s face on a building cornerstone in the Grachtengordel-West (western canal district), in the area around the Jordaan and Nine Streets neighorhood, of old Amsterdam, Holland.