Reggae Central Poster

We were at Groundwork organic coffee in Venice when we found this wonderful flyer for the Reggae Central, a weekend … More

The Shadow EBike

As reported in Gizmodo, the new Shadow “Ebike” pictured below is an electric bike that contains a drive controller and … More

The MoMA Baby Icon

The Museum of Modern Art ( MoMA ) in New York has introduced the baby icon in its restrooms signage … More

Scenes from MoMA

In our new ongoing “Scenes From a …” series, we’re posting images snapped at museums and similar places and events. … More

Who Runs New York?

We were tidying up our temporary LA HQ (a.k.a., Global Graphica West) and throwing out a pile of old mags … More

Green Fixie

Walking around the Abbott-Kinney section of the Venice neighborhood, in Los Angeles, we see a lot of awesome bicycles parked … More

Haculla 3D Eyewear

Massive fresh Haculla (a.k.a., Harif Guzman) wheat-paste street art at one of his preferred spots, on a wide door a … More

Ghost Boy Stencil

Ghostly stencil street art of a boy’s face on a building cornerstone in the Grachtengordel-West (western canal district), in the … More

Employees Only

“Employees Only” sign on staff room door at Intelligentsia Coffee cafe in Silver Lake, in Los Angeles.

Evil Romance

This large stenciled silhouette of a boy and girl is perhaps a cheeky and fitting image the day after Valentine’s … More

Happy Adidas

Our friend J. recently acquired this colorful, full-of-awesome pair of Adidas sneakers. He showed them off to us on a … More

NYC Mystery T-Shirt Font

Our colleague “A.” cruised into our office in L.A. proudly displaying his recently acquired and super-awesome NYC graphical tee shirt … More

Feltron Annual Report

It’s here. The one, the only: the Feltron Annual Report. It’s a volume of personal-behavioral stats presented as corporate-style report … More

Sound Board Confessional

The sound-board aesthetic: We love standing near the sound boards at concerts and find the look of all the lighted … More

Confiscated “KIRF” Goods

Telling image of recently confiscated counterfeit “keep it real fake” goods in Los Angeles. The people behind this operation and … More