Monthly Archives: December 2010

Mexican Batman & Robin Comics

“Robin y el Murcielago” was the Spanish title for the Batman and Robin comic books series in Mexico when it was published in the mid 20th century. The literal translation is “Robin and the Batman.” In the Mexican series, Robin is the bigger hero and gets top billing. Batman appears in his usual costume but is bare-chested.


Downtown Creators

Fresh artwork on the billboard space provided by vintage clothing store Eleven at 11 Prince Street in Nolita, near SoHo. The new painting features unmistakable silhouettes of some late and legendary downtown New York City creators: Jean-Michel Basquiat, the Ramones, and Andy Warhol.


Pele + Mick Jagger

Wheat-paste street art in SoHo: A large black-and-white photo of Brazilian soccer legend Pele and Rolling Stones’ frontman and rock legend Mick Jagger meeting in New York City in the late 1970’s.


Angel Youth

The beautifully worn “Angel Youth” sign near the intersection of Kingswell and Vermont streets in the Los Feliz / Hollywood Hills area of Los Angeles, a few blocks away from our temporary Global Graphica HQ in LA (dubbed our “LA Bureau”).


Vintage VW Van

We stumbled upon this vintage Volkswagen van on Glendale Boulevard in Atwater Village, a neighborhood in Los Angeles. The van was parked down the block from the building where the Beastie Boys’ once had their recording studios (G-Son) and offices for Grand Royal records. This VW “bus” is an icon of 1960’s and 70’s California hippie and surfer cultures. The logo is awesome. The form and design of the vehicle is beautiful.


Mobile Devices in 2014

Released a couple of months ago from Swedish interface and technology  design firm The The Astonishing Tribe (a.k.a, TAT, recently bought by Blackberry) …

Star Stamp

We’ve started taking lots of pix of the ink stamps we get on our wrists at music venues, clubs and events. We received this wonderful star stamp at The Moth storytelling event held at El Cid, a Mexican restaurant and bar in Silverlake, in Los Angeles. The star-in-circle stamp is only partial, as it was not fully inked. The result is a wrist print that looks like the Islamic half-crescent symbolism found on the  Turkish or Indonesian flag.


Opening Ceremony, Part Deux

Influential, full-of-awesome clothing store Opening Ceremony recently expanded into a massive, multi-floor loft space adjacent to its original New York City shop on Howard Street in SoHo. The entrance is a stairwell with a striking color and design concept. We love the stairs.