Our favorite shades of brown can be found in a fresh cup of espresso, like the one seen here. We drank this after an Italian-style lunch at Epistrophy cafe in Nolita, in downtown New York City.

Beautiful graphic street art on Spring St. in Nolita in downtown New York City. At first glance, the woman in the image reminds us a little of Kate Moss. Her eyes are hidden by blocks of Japanese katakana script, which is intriging but makes us wonder if the writing itContinue Reading

We had a hamburger lunch from Baby’s Badass Burger’s earlier this week. This meal was yet further exploration of Los Angeles’ intense and myriad food-truck culture. BBB was featured in an episode of the hit HBO series Entourage and has developed a sexy-sassy brand. Check out their logo treatment below.

Minimalist logo design on the door to the super-yummy Viet Noodle Bar in Atwater Village, in Los Angeles. By contrast, across the street is a Subway sandwich shop — you can see the the logo in the window reflection.

The “Bella Luna” installation by artist Anne Herlihy at the recent Glow all-night art event at Santa Monica Beach, in Los Angeles. The artwork was interactive and involved viewers taking turns singing a song karaoke-style in a small tent. The real-time video image of the person was projected on aContinue Reading

Wheat-paste poster of Brazilian soccer (football) legend Pele on Crosby Street in downtown New York City. This is one of two blown-up black-and-white photo paste-up of players at this spot in SoHo.

Wheat-paste artwork of a half-peeled banana and some angelic birds on the wall next to the restaurant L’Orange Bleu (it’s a popular street-art spot) on Crosby Street in SoHo, downtown NYC.

Images  of the sublime outdoor installation “Urban Light” by artist Chris Burden at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art ( LACMA ).

In Los Angeles the past week, we saw the body of a helicopter being transported on a trailer on the San Diego Freeway, otherwise known as the 405.

Posters for two exhibitions we recently checked out at the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu. One show was a retrospective of work by Yuki Onodera. The second is titled “Look at Me!” It examined the concept of nude-portraiture in photography.

“Battle of tha Graffix” wheat-paste street art on Crosby St. in downtown New York City. The poster pits Latin-American political icon CheĀ  against WWII-era Italian fascist Mussonlini.