Monthly Archives: August 2010

Bill Murray in Downtown L.A.

One among our group of favorite actors of all time, Bill Murray is shown here on a faded wheat-paste poster in the Little Tokyo section of downtown Los Angeles. The last time we saw Murray captured in street art was in Reykjavik, Iceland. The man’s image gets around. Love it.






The Shangri-La Hotel in the heart of Santa Monica is a beautiful, wonderfully preserved piece of Los Angeles art-deco architecture dating from 1939. The building is across the street from Palisades Park and the cliffs overlooking the wide expanse of beach front and the city’s iconic pier.


Mexican Jesus Mural

On the back of an old building in the Little Tokyo area of downtown Los Angeles is this large “Mexican Jesus” mural (is it Jesus or a saint?) The painting can be seen from across a parking lot adjacent to the Geffen Contemporary galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA).



Je Deteste Les Lundis

Big, pristine wheate-paste street art of graphic-novel-style illustration on Rue Saint-Laurent, the main thoroughfare running from from the old city through Chinatown and into Mile End, in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The message is “Je deteste les Lundis,” which is French, we think, for “I hate Mondays.”