Monthly Archives: August 2010


Beautiful ephemeral artwork on Crosby Street in SoHo, in downtown New York City. The creator made use of a hole in the cast-iron wall on an old loft building and fashioned a dragonfly with tape and stickers. Full of awesome!





Kenton Hi-Fi

Ridiculous, yet strangely intriguing vinyl LP album cover design for “Kenton in Hi-Fi” from (we’re guessing) the 1960s. We found this tucked behind wine bottles among a stack of old records that decorate the end of the long bar at Lolita, a watering hole in the Lower East Side of New York City. Kenton? Never heard of him, until now. But he’s been immortalized in the decor of a downtown NYC bar. What more can you ask for?


Fresh Spazmat

Welcomed wheat=paste street-art freshness from Spazmat. This signature skull-with-cellphone image  was recently put up  on a construction site hoarding at the corner of Broome Street and the Bowery, in downtown New York City.



Echo Park Mural

Massive, beautiful, sun-drenched mural on the side of a building housing a “clinica” at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Echo Park Avenue in Los Angeles.



Dennis Hopper

We recently went to the Museum of Contemporary Art ( MOCA) in Los Angeles to see “Double Standard,” the retrospective exhibition of assemblage, paintings, video, sculpture and photography by the late actor-artist Dennis Hopper. Included in the show was the work “Within a Man of Light, There is Only Light; Within a Man of Darkness, There is Only Darkness,” which is pictured below. It’s a sublime, beautiful piece of photographic work on a lightbox. It totally moved us.


Dude, Where’s Our Car?

Los Angeles is a fuckin’ parking lot.  After a pre-video-shoot lunch at a large strip mall, we had a little trouble finding our borrowed gray Honda/Nissan/Toyota-Japanese-whatever-it-was car in the massive parking lot. We’re non-car-owning, non-driving New Yorkers, so the car culture thing takes a little getting used to when we’re on L.A time. 😉