Hey Kidzzz,

A brief announcement and status update from us here at Global Graphica in New York City …

As regular visitors to this website have noticed, we haven’t updated or posted to the site in two months. We suddenly and without explanation went on a hiatus in early May due to a major family life-event that had been unfolding for months and required our immediate attention. We had to temporarily suspend work on the blog, as we devoted our energy and time to dealing with the unfortunate developments in our personal lives.

We’re back now and ready to resume updates to the site. But in doing so, we are also shifting gears.

Regular readers may have also noticed a change  in the focus of the site earlier this year. We broadened the scope of Global Graphica from “street art” to what we like to call “visual culture,” the wider aesthetic world and experiences that inspire us, warrant our consideration and provoke us.

We will continue to document street art (or ephemeral art) forms and this will remain a big part of what we blog about. But in widening our  subject area and redefining what Global Graphica is about, we will cover a lot more of the creativity and culture we  encounter all around us here in New York and in our travels near and far. And in doing so, we are going to personalize our reportage more and share a little  more of our lives with readers.

As part of this shift, we’re also going to produce and sponsor art projects of our own. So stay tuned.

Finally, the recent events in our private lives required a lot of travel and unfolded while we were on the road and in the air. This only added to the disruption to Global Graphica. That said, we took our camera wherever and whenever we could and took pictures every chance we got. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that we’ve returned with a ton of fresh images from  around the world. In the coming weeks, you’ll be seeing a lot of the pix snapped during these past two months..

Thanks for your support and feedback.

Ivan “Van” Corsa

July 11, 2010 – New York Fuckin’ City