Shibuya Street Kanji

Traffic-signage of Japanese kanji painted on the street in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan.

Calvin Klein QR-Code

This recent billboard for Calvin Klein in SoHo, in New York City, used a massive QR code as part of … More

Louis Vuitton x Football

Beautiful Louis Vuitton ad on the back cover of the Economist magazine. Three generations of globally-famous soccer superstars appear in … More

Bamboo Chopsticks

We ordered dinner for delivery from a local Thai restaurant earlier this week. These bamboo chopsticks came with the food. … More

Excelsior Logo

The logo for Excelsior coffee — a Japanese chain of cafes a la Starbucks — on a mug and napkin … More

Tokyo Intersection

Intersection of narrow streets in the Sarugaku area between Shibuya and the Daikanyama neighborhood.

The Information

We were setting up our Saturday-morning “wake up music” playlist on iTunes and enjoying that first cup of coffee when … More

Cinema in the Park

Each in summer in Bryant Park, in New York City, the cable network HBO sponsors a series of outdoor film … More

Massive Tokyo Mural

A beautiful, sprawling painting on the side of an apartment building near the NHK TV-broadcast studios complex in Shibuya, in … More

Vedett Logo

A glass branded with the logo of Belgian beer Vedett “Extra White” at a pub in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan. … More

Billy Idol

Fresh wheat-paste street art by the artist Primo on the Jay Maisel building on the Bowery, downtown New York City.

Rio Decor

Beautiful living-room decor in a downtown New York City apartment: An large, rasterized image of some dudes playing “football” (soccer … More

Ping Pong

Table tennis on a summer Sunday in Bryant Park, New York City.

Shibuya Sleeper

This guy looks like he may have had a little too much to drink the night before in Shibuya, in … More

New York Cosmos

Retro-design sticker for the legendary and short-lived 1970s-80s New York Cosmos soccer team. We stumbled across this in Petrosino Park … More

Full Stop

Stops signs at the end of a narrow lane in SoHo, NYC.

How About Them Apples?

From our City Life series: New York ad agency interactive-creative peeps in their natural habitat. (Please refrain from feeding them … More