Check out this Academy Award-nominated animated short film called “Logorama.” It’s clever in its use of logos to create a visual landscape and characters made up entirely of brands. The movie tells a Pulp Fiction-like story that’s full of wit, dark humor and enormously entertaining. Klik hier om het videoContinue Reading

More awesome life-size wheat-paste street art by artist Primo on Crosby St. (our favorite old cobblestone lane in way-downtown NYC) in SoHo. This one shows the usual Primo character dressed up as a cop and, of course, carrying a pistol.

Another one of the cat-bunny-like creatures in sticker form that can be found in the street-art layer  around Harajuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan. This one is orange and  has a little buddy, some kind of Frankenstiened doll in his (its) left paw-hand thingy. Love it.

Wheat-paste street-art on Wooster St. in SoHo. The black-and-white profile image is of a woman sporting a 1960’s-style hairdo. We have to wonder if the lady in this picture is actually a man in drag. Even though her hairstyle is different and face only vaguely similar, we can’t help butContinue Reading

Wheat-paste street art at Prince Street and Broadway, towards Mercer St.,  in SoHo. This wonderful set of four colorful high-top sneakers is pasted up on the pink hoarding around the former Victoria’s Secret stroe , which is being remodeled for the launch of new Victoria’s Secret Pink brand store. We’veContinue Reading

More graffiti trucks in New York Chinatown during the recent blizzards that rained an all-time record for monthly snowfall in th city

The wonderful New Museum in downtown New York City and the wonderful rainbow-patterned “Hell, Yes!” sign art work at twilight this past weekend.