Reports have been flooding in the past couple of weeks that anonymous U.K. artist and director Banksy allegedly put up at least five pieces of street art in Park City, Utah, while he was in town to screen and promote his documentary film at the annual Sundance FIlm Festival.

The movie “Exit Through the Gift Shop” screened to much critical acclaim, but it’s now been revealed that its last-minute inclusion in the event was on condition that the artist not put up illegal graffiti artwork on public or private property, i.e., vandalism, while in town to attend the festival.

But at current count five works of art have been discovered in and around Park City that bear Banksy’s unique style, though some have speculated the work is at the hands of copycats or an attempt by hired promotional guns (not Banksy himself) to stir up yet more publicity for the film. In any event , the street-art has been removed, but you can see pictures of it across the InterWeb.

Verdict: FOA … Full of Awesome.