Colorful and well-executed “Grad” graffiti-art tag on an Econoline-type van parked on Prince Street, across from the Apple Store in SoHo, in downtown NYC. Super awesome and kind of rare these days. UPDATE – There’s a South Park theme to the graffiti art on that van in Chinatown we postedContinue Reading

Classic Shepard Fairey street art on Wooster St. in SoHo, New York City. The anthropomorphic spray can in this wheat-paste poster is holding a picture of the iconic, high-contrast image of Andre the Giant, which Fairey made famous and in turn made him famous — it was the artist’s launchContinue Reading

Last weekend the new Banksy documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop had its premiere screening at the Sundance Film Festival. The film features Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Invader and a host of others involved in the global street-art scene. The movie was inspired by — and is in part focusedContinue Reading

Left-foot high-stop sneaker wheat-paste poster with blinding Day-Glo yellow-green color background, Wooster Street, SoHo, in downtown New York City. There’s a lot of excellent street art on the west side of the block south of Grand Street. Notable nearby landmarks of sorts are Deitch Projects art gallery and annex andContinue Reading

Haculla wheat-paste street art on Wooster Street in SoHo, in downtown New York City. This artwork riffs on iconic imagery from the cover art of a 1980’s Bruce Springsteen album and single, “Born in the U.S.A.” The phrase “Born to Run” references the name of saxophone-infused pop-rock classic hit byContinue Reading

Awesome street art painting on a store-front roller shutter near the Landmark Sunshine Cinema on E. Houston St. in New York City. The artwork features images of comic-book and film superhero Batman and a cartoony character that looks like a mouse in bondage suit, a la the Gimp in PulpContinue Reading

Here’s a wonderful, fresh wheat-paste street-art poster by A.S.V.P. in downtown New York City. We’ve been really digging A.S.V.P.’s graphic aesthetic. They’ve been increasingly prolific in recent months around lower Manhattan. This paste-up is in SoHo, on Broome St. near the Capital One bank on Lafayette St. This spot isContinue Reading

On the way home from dinner at Brinkley’s in SoHo tonight, we discovered some new wheat-paste artwork as we walked east along Broome Street back to Global Graphica HQ in the southwest LES (a.k.a, Northeast Chinatown or Bel-Del, for “Below Delancey”). This is a route we use daily so weContinue Reading

A big, meaty, classic “Obey” / “Giant Has a Posse” wheat-paste street-art poster by artist-designer and all-around bona fide visual superstar Shepard Fairey. This one is on Grand Street between Ludlow and Orchard streets on Lower East Side of New York City. As ubiquitous and played-out as the iconic ObeyContinue Reading

Photographer Terry Richardson has recently started a new Tumblr photo blog called Terry’s Diary, and it’s fuckin’ awesome. Richardson is a fixture in downtown New York City, where he lives. We often see him at cafes and restaurants or just walking around in Nolita, stomping down down the Bowery, orContinue Reading

Shots of black-and-white wheat-paste posters on Broome Street comprise a virtual and ephemeral portrait photography gallery of pop-culture figures. The likes of Debbie Harry of Blondie and Patti Smith are among the people pictured on a wall along the north side of Broome between the Bowery and Christie streets inContinue Reading

The global sticker phenom that is BNE is ubiquitous in the hipster hoods of the Japanese capital. Here’s an amusing example of his stickie tag on an old-school pubic-safety sign. Love it.

Wheat-paste street art in Japan: This rabbit-like creature character can be found everywhere in Shibuya, Harajuku and Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo. Usually, these are bright yellow, but this one caught our eye with its nicely paired hues of brown and pink.

Speaking of Barcelona, here’ an awesome Catalan street art image posted by Gsz on Flickr. The stencil is of the late Chilean writer and poet Roberto Bolano, who made Catalonia his home and the setting for many scenes in his stories, notably in the much-acclaimed and brilliant novel “The SavageContinue Reading

Graffiti and street art painting of Jesus Christ on an underground parking garage wall in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. The city is small but has a rich cultural scene. We’ll definitely be going back again some day.

The “Stencialist” is a clever portmanteau of stencil and specialist. Here we see the stencialist stencil-paste-up mash-up in Harajuku, the trendy neighborhood in Tokyo, Japan. The face of the mustached dude in the stencil looks a lot like Roman Milisic, one of the guys from the House of Diehl fashionContinue Reading

This massive mural of faces on an apartment building in San Francisco Chinatown is awesome. Wish there was more art work like this. Full marks.