Does anyone remember Patrick Nagel? He was an illustrator and graphic artist who created an sexy, iconic graphical style of female portraits and figures. His work was a staple of Playboy magazine and grace album covers and sold widely and commercially in the 1980’s. This awesome wheat-paste street-art poster-work onContinue Reading

Here’s an image of a massive graffiti tag on a shop’s roller-shade in Tokyo, Japan. We like the color combination of red and mustard-yellow hues.

“What” skull street-art in the Harajuku neighborhood, in Tokyo, Japan.

We thought we’d kick off a new series of Tokyo street-art postings with this a video of a 747 jumbo jet landing in Tokyo at Narita International Airport, which was also posted on the Pop Massive website. 747 Jumbo-Jet Touchdown at Tokyo Narita Airport from Super Core on Vimeo.

The structures at the corner of Lafayette and Grand streets in SoHo, in downtown New York City, were recently torn down to make room for a new real estate development (probably another  luxury condo). Once the lot had been razed to the ground, some awesome graffiti and street art paintingContinue Reading

We love this wheat-paste street-art poster on Broome St. in SoHo. There’s a retro-Communist aesthetic evoked from this image of a cute baby astronaut in A.S.V.P.-branded helmet.

We love this street art painting of a cute, Greek goddess in Psyrri, in Athens, Greece.

From our City Life file: We stumbled upon this portable stage — a kind of bandshell on wheels — parked at Grand and Orchard streets on the Lower East Side.  An indie band was playing the stage at the time — we wish we could remember their name. The stageContinue Reading

Here (and here, too) are some more kick-arse street art from our Iceland series …

A lovely set of stencils exploring the cute, furry animal motif along the Blue Wall off the main shopping drag of Hverfisgata street in central Reykjavik, Iceland.

From our Design and Cool Spaces file: The “Lower East Side Ping Pong Club” is a newly opended, temporary storefront table-tennis space in downtown New York City (on Grand Street, near Norfolk Street) that’s part of a collaboration with sneakers brand Puma and Grand Opening, an event-marketing agency that producesContinue Reading

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Super-fresh work from Shepard Fairey (of Obama poster, Obey / Giant Has a Posse, and Swindle Magazine fame) on Ludlow Street, practically across the street from Global Graphica HQ in the heart of the old Lower East Side of Manhattan. We haven’t seen anything from Fairey for a long timeContinue Reading

A man paints over graffiti ona storefront roller-shutter in the Psyrri neighborhood of Athens, Greece.

Awesome recent wheat-paste street-art work by Primo on Crosby Street in downtown New York City. This street — a narrow, cobblestoned, five-block stretch in SoHo — is a popular posting location for this artist.