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Haculla is among our group of favorite wheat-paste street-art creators working the downtown New York City  landscape. Here’s some recent work we found on Broome St. featuring imagery of rock icon Janis Joplin.




There’s some cool street art on the side of this apartment building in Psyrri neighborhood, in Athens, Greece. The nabe is a mecca for artists.


Manga Girl

Here’s a roller-shutter painted with a Japanese-style manga-like image of a cute, doe-eyed girl in Monastiraki, in Athens, Greece.


White Box

The White Box gallery (or “WBX”) on Broome Street in Chinatown part of the Lower East Side often changes the paint on its frontage — usually a murals or the title of an exhibition will be painted on the exterior storefront wall. But here WBX has left the space blank and simply painted black. What gives?

White Box is one our favorites galleries on downtown Manhattan, with consistently rewarding and edgy shows. Check it out next time you’re in New York City.


Balls and Stripes

At Lincoln Road Mall,  the popular outdoor pedestrianized street in South Beach, in Miami, art and bold architectural design define the public landscape and provide functionality to boot.

The large cement balls are a barrier to vehicles and demarcate pedestrian space. Stripes painted on the ground draw attention and offer a distinct aesthetic in sharp contrast to the sub-tropical pastels and palms look of SoBe.

A covered walkway is supported by white frames and provides cover for shoppers when the weather turns rainy, which can be often and unpredictable in South Florida.




We’re having a little trouble decoing the alphanumerics in this graffiti tag in central Athens, Greece. It looks like it could “2T” or “21.” In any case, we likey. 🙂




Vandalized black-and-white image of famed downtown New York City fashion and transexual icon Amanda Lepore, whose claim to famed includes being the muse of photographer David LaChapelle and the face of Heatherette and MAC. This wheat-paste street-art posting is on Crosby St. in SoHo, NYC.






Life-size wheat-paste street-art poster of a crazed dude slinging two pistols on Allen Street in the Lower East Side, downtown New York City. Great stuff. Who is the artist, we wonder. We have been informed that the artist is Primo. Whoever he or she is, the same The creator is a behind a similar series of paste-ups that referenced the late Heath Ledger’s Joker from the recent Batman film.




Enjoy American Dream

Large “Enjoy American Dream” sticker in downtown New York City. This is one of a series of stickers with various phrases obliquely commenting on American capitalism, the recent financial crisises and economic events.




Rich Girls Will Break Your Heart

Recent wheat-paste street art by Haculla on Lafayette St. in SoHo / Nolita in downtown New York City. We love the phrases pasted on the image of model Kate Moss: “Rich girls will break your heart” and “Poor girls will take your money.”Beautiful stuff.





WESC Party

From the City Life file here at Global Graphica, here’s a picture of drunk-looking DJ at the WESC  (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) clothing brand party at the New York  City store. WESC is a Swedish brand that has developed a bit of a cult following here in recent years. The party is at the store on Lafayette Street, in SoHo.  It was a fun party, but like many of these events, it sometimes  looks a lot more fun seeing it as a passerby than as a participant inside. BTW, we’re not saying the DJ was drunk, but that he looks kind of drunk in this pic. Though note the obligatory hipster-cred can of Pabst Blue Ribbon brand beer (PBR) next to the turntable decks.