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Carl Craig Posters

Poster ads for a club event last year featuring renowned American techno DJ and producer Carl Craig in Reykjavik, Iceland. The Icelandic capital is a popular stopover for many North American and European musicians and bands while in transit across the Atlantic. The city has an energetic music scene and lots of clubs where foreign bands can try out material on eve of their tours elsewhere.

iceland- outdoor-ads-reykjavik-5.jpg

iceland- outdoor-ads-reykjavik-6.jpg

Bow-Tie Puff

Here’s another cute Sharpie-marker-type street art in Reykjavik, Iceland. The illustration is a character that looks like a cloud or puff wearing a bow tie. This could be a Japanese anime star.




Dain Dandy

We freakin’ love this latest theme of fresh wheat-paste street art by Dain, who is now officially among our favorite artists working the downtown New York City landscape. The artwork pictured in this post is in SoHo. We’re thinking we’re going to have to set up a category on our website just for this series. 🙂





Shark Attack

Wheat-paste street art in the West Village of New York City, a place where we don’t often find fresh work. But alas, this wonderful and vivid paste-up of a shark attack with a comic-book aesthetic to boot. Awesome.





Space Invader-esque

This sticker street art looks a lot like a retro-1980s videogame image a la the well-known French artist Invader (sometimes called Space Invader after the seminal arcade game). But we have serious doubts that this stickers has anything to do with him. His medium is a set a tiles — not stickers — with which he creates mosaic variations of the iconic Atari alien.



We’ve been seeing a resurgence lately of this wheat-paste street art image of Patton-like general or solider around SoHo. Love it.





Green WTF Monster

WTF is this? It’s like some monstrous, bacteria-like mutation of creature we found stuck to a wall in SoHo.



– Ivan Corsa Photo | Street Art Images

Orange Thing

Is it an orange-haired ram or some curious Icelandic creature of the imagination? Whatever it is, we think this street art painting in Reykjavik is cute and cool.


Neckface DUMBO

The infamous Neckface in a classic rooftop tag atop a building in DUMBO (Down Under the Manhattan Bridge) neighborhood of Brooklyn. Part of what makes Neckface’s graffiti relatively well-known is the many instances of his name that appear in high-visibility locations on the New York City skyline and near freeways and billboards.




Shark Head and Tail Fin

More of the shark wheat-paste street art in the Meatpacking District of New York City. Instead of just the head, we’ve got the tail fin too — see below. Question: Do sharks drool? And if they do, would the drool be visible in the water?




Two Cents Flower Grenade

Love this wheat-paste street art poster in New York City’s Meatpacking District. The silhouette of hand-grenade and flowers is a clever juxtaposition, an effective piece of visual cognitive dissonance.


Giraffe Love

When we were in Reykjavik, Iceland recently, we came across a lot of awesome, well-crafted and original street art and graff around the city. Many popular spots were in parking lots — above ground and underground — which we the results less likely to be frowned upon). In this garage underneath a small mixed-use condo-office building outside downtown Reykjavik, we found tons of street art, including this clever use of a structural column as a canvas for a painting of two cute giraffes in love and about to kiss.


— Posted by Supercore / Ivan Corsa Photos

Michael Jackson Street Art

We’ve found a couple of great Flickr pages of street art and graffiti art devoted to the late Michael Jackson. It’s amazing how many wheat-pastes, murals, stickers and stencils there are devoted to the so-called King of Pop from all over the world, before and after his death. Michael Jackson, R.I.P. Some examples are below, the first by jefflphoto and the second, a stencil of young MJ in Barcelona, by Hebe Design.




Colorful graff-street art by “Curse” (?) in a small underground parking lot in downtown Reykjavik, Iceland, circa summer 2008. Note the caricature of Jay, the dude from the Silent Bob movies.


— Posted by Ivan