Monthly Archives: June 2009

Angel of Kansai

This street art painting in Minami-Horie, in Osaka, Japan is so funny and cute and creative. The person looks like and angel peeing. 😀 — Posted by Fujiwara


Monsters Mashup

We’re in Osaka! It’s Japan’s “second city” after Tokyo. Here are some images of street art we discovered in the Minami-Horie neighborhood. This looks like two monsters crashing into each other. — Posted by Fujiwara




Very cool street art painting of a man’s face (he looks African) yelling or laughing in Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo, Japan. This image can be seen from the train on the outbound Toyoko Line from Shibuya Station, so it’s likely that tens of thousands of people see this image everyday. — Fujiwara


Olympics Branding

Promotional banner flag in Tokyo, Japan for the capital’s current bid as a candidate city for the 2016 summer Olympiad. We like the slogan “Uniting Our Worlds.” — Fujiwara


Cunning Face

Street art in SoHo, New York City: Face of a cunning-looking and mysterious character that reminds us of the Mind Taker on the Cartoon Network Adult Swim series “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law.”




This wheat-paste image of a skeleton holding a cell phone is a classic by Spazmat. It’s practically an icon in the pantheon of global street art. The example is above the La Esquina mexican restaurant on Lafayette and Kenmare streets in SoHo, in New York City. It’s fresh work; We surmise that it was put up sometime in May or the first few days of June.




Lots of “Dickchicken” tags recently appearing in downtown New York City. This is in Nolita at the intersection of Kenmare and Elizabeth streets. Who is Dickchicken? And, really, who cares? These tags are absolute shite.


Rabbit Molo

Stencil art on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, in New York City. The rabbit-like creature is throwing a molotov cocktail. An homage to a famous Banksy artwork, perhaps?