Dog Wheate-paste

Cute wheat-paste street art work of a dog in the meatpacking District of New York City. — Posted by Supercore

Iz the Wiz

The New York Times has published a story today about legendary New York City graffiti painter “Iz the Wiz,” who … More

Contemporary Iranian Art

We just stumbled upon an excellent and timely New York Times slideshow of Iranian art at an exhibition in Chelsea, … More


We stumbled upon this massive wheat-paste street-art image of legendary actor Leonard Nimoy (who played Spock on the Star Trek … More

Special Sauce

Gothic-style font for this “Sauce” stencil street art on the exterior of the former “Inven.tory” clothing shop at the corner … More

Shark “Toot”

Wheat-paste street art of a shark’s head in the Meatpacking District (a neighborhood we hate and love at the same … More

Iran Protest and Street Art

The past couple of week’s news video showing election protests and government crackdowns in Tehran, Iran is dramatic and riveting. … More

Streetsy Meatpacking

Look at this awesome wheat-paste street art. This graphic artwork of a silhouetted penguin can be found near the entrance … More

Angel of Kansai

This street art painting in Minami-Horie, in Osaka, Japan is so funny and cute and creative. The person looks like … More

Monsters Mashup

We’re in Osaka! It’s Japan’s “second city” after Tokyo. Here are some images of street art we discovered in the … More


Very cool street art painting of a man’s face (he looks African) yelling or laughing in Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo, Japan. … More

Olympics Branding

Promotional banner flag in Tokyo, Japan for the capital’s current bid as a candidate city for the 2016 summer Olympiad. … More

Cunning Face

Street art in SoHo, New York City: Face of a cunning-looking and mysterious character that reminds us of the Mind … More


This wheat-paste image of a skeleton holding a cell phone is a classic by Spazmat. It’s practically an icon in … More


Lots of “Dickchicken” tags recently appearing in downtown New York City. This is in Nolita at the intersection of Kenmare … More

Yellow Fellow

Another one of the cute cat-face character wheat-paste in Tokyo.

Rabbit Molo

Stencil art on Orchard Street in the Lower East Side, in New York City. The rabbit-like creature is throwing a … More