This cute yellow character in Shibuya, in Tokyo, Japan, looks a little bit like the style of street art by the artists collective The London Police (TLP), but it’s not.

Celebrity-party photographer the Cobrasnake has made it to Tokyo, Japan. If not him, then at least his sticker with American NFL Raiders-style logo has made it here.

This sticker street art work is of a hip-hop-style graffiti tag. I found it outside the club Aoyama Hatch in Tokyo too. – AF

Here is a bunch of sticker street art on air-conditioner unit in from of the club Aoyama Hatch, in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo Japan.

This picture shows the entrance to Combine. It’s a bar and cafe in Naka-Meguro and my favorite place to meet friends and drink in Tokyo. The atmosphere is kind of arty and lots of the creative people who live and work around this neighborhood come here. If you like GlobalContinue Reading

This Chinese babies wheat-paste street art is cute. It’s near Omotosando in Tokyo, Japan. Did Angelina Jolie or Madonna adopt a baby from China yet? Next to the artwork is a sign in Korean. I don’t know what it says. – Posted by Fujiwara

I wonder if the man in this stencil street art near Shibuya is Japanese or a non-Japanese. He’s may he is a Japanese comedian. (I should watch more TV.) But maybe because of some French movie I saw when was younger, I just assume that this man is French. MaybeContinue Reading

“Block Rasta” sitcker in Tokyo, Japan. From a designer point of view, I like this font very much. Do you know Block Rasta? I don’t know, but if you do, send Global Graphica an email. Thanks! – Posted by Fujiwara

A few days ago I posted a photo of a sign in Harajuku (in Tokyo, Japan) with many stickers on it. Here I’m posting a picture of another sign also with a lot of stickers. – Posted by Fujiwara

This big bright graffiti tag really sticks out like a sore thumb on a clean post-modern type of building in Harajuku, Tokyo. – Posted by Akemi Fujiwara © Ivan Corsa – Global Graphica Photo. All rights reserved.

This is a cool video from a few Japanese artists painting together. Each artist takes a turn to change the painting. At the end there is a nice surprise about the location of the painting. You will never guess.

It’s like absurd dream. But maybe not so crazy after all. My friend has a cat and skateboard and sometimes his cat jumps on the board to take a nap. Anyways, I like to see this tiny stencil street art of the skateboarding dog on this building in Ura-Harajuku, nearContinue Reading

Wow! So many stickers on the back of a sign in the Ura-Harajuku neighborhood near Omotesando in Tokyo, Japan. These days I see more stickers than ever before. In some places there is less graffiti and street art than just a few years ago. But there are more stickers. MaybeContinue Reading

This one of my favorite new examples of street art in Tokyo, Japan. This image of “PUTS” squirrel is so cute and creative collage in wheat-paste form. I like that it’s next to graffiti sticker and on bright green sign. Posted by Akemi Fujiwara

Cool graffiti sticker in pink background in Tokyo, Japan. I like this sticker because it has a minimalhip-hop graffiti style. Posted by Fujiwara

Goofy eyes stickers on a utility post in Tokyo, Japan. Posted by Akemi Fujiwara

This street art in Naka-Meguro, in Tokyo, Japan, makes me laugh inside every time I see it. The images of a fox — called “kitsune” (きつね ) in Japanese — smoking a cigarette and playing old-fashioned records is so funny to me. Courtesy Akemi Fujiwara © Ivan Corsa Photos –Continue Reading

Street art painting: Beautiful, fading black-and-white flower pattern in Naka-Meguro, Tokyo, Japan. Courtesy Akemi Fujiwara © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images

Mysterious little monsters hiding behind green plants in Naka-Meguro. This Tokyo, Japan neighborhood is very fashionable these days. There are many cool shops and cafes here and a small river surrounded by many trees. It’s a beautiful spot, especially when the cherry blossoms are in bloom Courtesy Akemi Fujiwara ©Continue Reading

Street art Tokyo, Japan: Cute sticker of bear’s face in Harajuku. When I see this sticker I want to smile. The bear’s facial expression looks lost and helpless. Courtesy Akemi Fujiwara © Ivan Corsa Photos – Street Art Images