Monthly Archives: March 2009

D.O.T. Hack

New York Street Art: This is so fucking boss. Over the weekend we noticed the New York City Department of Transportation portable electronic traffic sign on Houston Street has the following message diplayed: “SHIT BIRD ORL.” Love it.





© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Stickman Muzik

New York Street Art: We’ve never been fans or impressed with the street art work of Stickman. But we’ve changed out opinion lately with the recent appearance of these new music-sheet wheat-pastes by Stickman around downtown Manhattan. Really beautiful. This one is on a U.S. Postal Service mailbox on Elizabeth Street, in Nolita.





© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images


New York Street Art: Detail from head art by Feral on Crosby Street.


© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Buenos Aires: Ciudad Stencil

We’ve recently been spending some time at the street art stencil blog we stumbled upon called BUE.nos Aires // C1UD4D S73NC1L, or Buenos Aires Ciudad Stencil (or “Stencil City,” Buenos Aires, Argentina). The site hasn’t been updated for a while, but we’re enjoying it nonetheless, especially since it’s written in English, so for us non-Spanish speakers, it’s a window into street art form a Latin American perspective.