New York street art: This stencil of a spray-paint can branded with a Campbell’s Soup can label is an homage to the late, great Andy Warhol, one of the most significant and influential 20th-century artists. Instead of “Soup,” the can reads “Spray.” Warhol created series of artworks in the 1960s based on American mass-produced supermarket products, including paintings, silkscreens and replica Campbell’s Soup cans, which was an example of what became known as pop art. It can be argued that in 2008, the global street art phenomenon is an extension of the pop-art ethos or the pop art of the new millennium. These “Campbell’s Spray” stencils have been appearing around lower Manhattan, New York City recently, in addition to other street artworks referencing other famous Andy Warhol paintings. This stencil can be found on the wall outside of Lasso restaurant, at the corner of Kenmare Street and Elizabeth Street. Let’s see more!!!

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images