Fresh street art by the Brooklyn-based artist known as Bast Mr. Brainwash, one of our all-time fave creators here in New York City. This wheat-paste art work is on the Bowery near East 3rd Street in the East Village. The paste-up shows a blow-up photo of a young Elvis Presley playing guitar, except the image of a gun — an AK-47, perhaps? — has been swapped with the musical instrument. Fucking brilliant.

Elvis with a Gun: Fresh wheat-paste street art by Bast Mr. Brainwash on the Bowery near East 3rd Street, East Village, NYC.

Note: This post was updated with a correction on Sept. 21, 2008. The artist has been correctly identified as Mr. Brainwash, not Bast. (Big thanks to Jeff for correctly IDing the artist.)

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images