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What is Global Graphica?

A lot of readers have asked why we don’t have an “About” section on the Global Graphica website. We often felt that the site’s content spoke for itself, as it were, but had planned to put a concise explanation of ourselves on the site eventually. So we’re adding an “About” blurb to the sidebar to the right. Here it is …

About Global Graphica

Global Graphica is a personally curated website devoted to photographically documenting the street art we see in daily walks in and around downtown New York City and in cities we travel to around the world. Images of other ephemeral art forms and visual culture are also posted to our site, as is information and commentary about exhibitions, events and media. Global Graphica was launched in 2004 as a spin-off web project of the pop-culture web magazine Air Massive. The site was set up to create a personal photo record of the ever-changing street art we encountered daily in our downtown New York City neighborhood and beyond. Global Graphica welcomes inquiries and submissions of images from readers and artists.

Street Art Yokohama

Neat four-minute video montage of some really good stuff, mostly street art in the post-wild-style graff vernacular, in and around the mega-city of Yokohama, Japan.

Sunglasses Smile


Cool black-and-white stickie of smiling face with sunglasses and gold tooth. The face looks like a cross between Steve McQueen and Andy Warhol. Love the details in the graphic. The gold tooth is boss. The reflective star is class, mate.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Savage Hustler


Awesome little “Savage Hustler” graffiti-style wood-cut affixed to a wall on Spring Street in Nolita, NYC. The wood-cut gives the words an organic, natural texture and add dimensionality to a graff style that is usually

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Heart Ama


Romantic pinkish-lavendar graff on beige wall, NYC. Beautiful color match.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Day Gear Profile
On our iPod: “Funky Kingston” – Toots and the Maytals
Gear: Helmut Lang Jean + Converse sneakers + Auslander graphic T-shirt from Brazil
Beverage in Hand: Fiji water
Camera: Canon PowerShot SD630 digital camera

Banksy “Uncovered”


Here we go again … another round of bandwagonesque media coverage on Banksy as yet another news source goes to press with a story revealing the identity of the mysterious British street art superstar. The esteemed American weekly news magazine Time reported on the story Monday this week. The Times of London, the BBC, Telegraph and the Independent have all recently reported on the Banksy identity story. This time around the media frenzy started when UK newspaper the Mail on Sunday ran a story a couple of weeks ago reporting Banksy’s real name, Robin Gunningham. The article was published with a photo of a 34-year-old man the paper says is Banksy in Jamaica. There have been previously published pictures and reports purporting to have unmasked Banksy. There’s little clear-cut corroborating evidence in the Mail story, but the paper appears to have gone to great lengths and expense to do some real digging. Its claims have the ring of truth. That Time magazine and so many large reputable new sources are running the story suggests that the Mail is right — Robin Gunningham is indeed Banksy. Still, we’re not 100% convinced.
(Banksy’s work is featured on Global Graphica via the Flickr photo pool of Banksy in the homepage sidebar and on this page. Check it.) Thanks to Jess for the tippage and linkage.

Flower Guy in Barca


New York artist Michael De Feo’s Flower wheatpaste in Barcelona, Spain. These are everywhere in downtown New York City. Nice to see De Feo’s work in Europe, too.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images

Goon OMG


Wicked little Sharpie drawing by Goon OMG on a US Postal Service stickie on Ludlow Street in te LES, downtown New York.

© Ivan Corsa Photo – Street Art Images