Monthly Archives: February 2007

11 Spring Street Massive Photo Paste-Up


Large photo paste-up on the first floor, inside the building at 11 Spring Street in Nolita, New York City. This guy looks like a middle aged bad-ass mafioso type. This picture, like all the images of art work created and displayed inside the Building at 11 Spring Street, was taken during the two-day exhibition there in December 2006.

Ivan Corsa Photo

Photo gear: Canon PowerShot SD 630 ELPH digital camera
On the iPod: Goldfrapp – “Utopia”
Kicks on our feet: Puma “Easy Rider” Sneakers

Video: Anti-Advertising Campaign in New York City by Graffiti Research La

The folks at the ever ingenious and creative Graffiti Research Lab have made a clip of their recent anti-advertising campaign. The guerilla effort exploits video panels that display commercials outside subway entrances around New York City. The point is that the thousands of marketing messages we are exposed to on a daily basis is the true graf problem urban dwellers face.