The picture below shows another part of the strip of street art works (including pieces by Faile, Bast, and Cheeky) that stretch along the Elizabeth Street side of the building at 11 Spring Street, in Nolita, NYC.



At some time this past weekend, several of the best-known and most active street artists in downtown New York City put up fresh work, some of it in the form of massive wheat-paste-ups, on the building at 11 Spring Street in the Nolita neighbrhood of downtown Manhattan. Among the works are pieces by WK Interact, Faile, Bast and Cheeky. Within the past two weeks new work by Flower Guy, Swoon, Above and The London Police has also gone up on the structure.

The building has been empty and seemingly uninhabited for years despite changes of ownership in recent years. For many years, each window of the tenement-style structure had a light in the form of a fake candle, hence the informal name “candle building.” Eleven Spring St. has been a bit of mystery until recently when the property was purchased for residential use. What appeared to be early renovation work began last week.

Some fear that the redevelopment of the building for actual habitation might spell the end of street art at the site. Over the years, 11 Spring has become a landmark of street art and a canvas and mecca for artists and lovers of street art. This massive attack of new work on the building almost seems like a way of saying “street art is here to stay no mattter what the future of the building.”