Monthly Archives: November 2006

WK Interact “Writers”

Fresh ups of those black-and-white, life-sized graf-writer wheat-pastes by WK Interact at 11 Spring Street in Nolita, New York City. Classic stuff. Part of the massive wave of new work put up at 11 Spring St. by various New York street artists this past week.






Bear Stencil on 2nd Ave., East Village, NYC

Lovin’ this stencil we found on 2nd Avenue in the East Village in New York City. When we saw this piece, we thought it looked like the work of U.K.-based Banksy, but on closer inspection it looks more like the work of seminal stencil artist Blek Le Rat. But could it easily be the work of another artist and likely is; the piece is signed at the bottom, but the moniker is illegible. (If any Global Graphica readers can identify the work, please drop us a line.)




Video: Massive Attack of Street Art at 11 Spring St. Building in New York City

Here’s a another, longer video clip showing the massive attack of fresh new street art at 11 Spring St. in Nolita, new York City. This video shows the full breadth of the new work on along Elizabeth Street side of the building and the around the entrance on Spring Street. The work shown include pieces by Faile, Bast, WK Interact, The London Police, Flower Guy, Above, Fake, Cheeky and many more. This clip shows the state of the building onthe evening of Wednesday November 15, 2006.

Video: Cheeky Signs Piece + Panorama of 11 Spring St., NYC

Here’s a clip showing “Cheeky” and crew sign a fresh piece at the building at 11 Spring St. (a.k.a. the “candle building”) in Nolita, New York City. The new piece was put up on Tuesday (Nov. 14, 2006) evening a couple of days after several of downtown New York’s most active street artists put up a ton of new work on the building. The video shows the breadth of these artists fresh work on the Elizabeth St. side of the buidling.

(Video footage by Supercore via YouTube)