Here’s a cheeky little wheat-paste-up depicting conservative Fox News commentator Sean Hannity along Mercer Street in NoHo, downtown Manhattan. Ivan Corsa Photo Photo gear: Nikon Coolpix 3200 digital camera

Is it a sticker or a little paste-up? Whatever the medium, it’s a little reddish monster emerging from steps to a lofts building along Mercer St. in NoHo, New York City. Ivan Corsa Photo Photo gear: Nikon Coolpix 3200 digital camera

Here’s the wide-shot of the newish Borf tag on Mulberry Street in NoHo, NYC. Ivan Corsa Photo Photo Gear: Nikon Coolpix 3200 Digital Camera Kicks on the feet: Black Converse All-Stars iPod: The Rakes – “Strasbourg”

“Borf” stikes again. This recent tag near the end of Mulberry Street in NoHo, downtown New York City, seems kind of … well, lazy, too easy and artless. We’ve seen Borf’s stencils elswhere around the city and they rock — Borf is capable of much better than this crass tag.Continue Reading

Here’s the detail from the indigo face paste-up on Kenmare Street, just south of Nolita, in downtown NYC. The image of the face is comprised of finely illustrated marginilia-type drawings. At a distance, the detail is lost but the face is clearly defined. Up close, the granular images make forContinue Reading

Here’s a wide-view context shot of the indigo face poster on Kenmare Street, in downtown New York City. Ivan Corsa Photo Gear: Nikon Coolpix 3200 Digital Camera Kicks: Vans Red/White Checkerboard Slip-ons On the iPod: M.I.A. – “Bucky Done Gun”

We swear we’ve seen a couple of these wheat-paste-ups of an indigo face around downtown Manhattan lately. But when we went out to shoot them, we could only find this one on Kenmare Street, along that strip where Soho, Nolita, Little Italy, Chinatown and the Lower East Side sort ofContinue Reading

For some context, here’s the wider view of the Bäst werewolf paste-up. Here you can see a stretch of the Elizabeth Street wall of 11 Spring, which is always covered with lots of street art, graf and installations. Ivan Corsa Photo

Here’s a series of images showing fresh paste-up work by one of our favorite hands in the New York street art landscape, the Brooklyn-based artist Bäst. This old-school werewolf movie image is on the Elizabeth Street side of the corner tenement known as 11 Spring (the building faces Spring Street),Continue Reading