It’s been over a year since the murder of actress and playwright Nicole duFresne. Her tragic, killing happened in the early morning after-hours of January 27, 20005, in the Lower East Side of New York City. The murder was shocking to us in part because it took place just a few blocks away from the former Global Graphica HQ and in part because the area had become mostly a crime-free neighborhood in recent years, especially as the nabe went through rapid gentrification. In the days and weeks that followed, a shrine marking the location of her senseless death began to appear at the southwest corner of Rivington and Clinton streets. This series of images show the makeshift tribute of flowers, candles, messages, mementos and objects left by her friends, family and residents of the L.E.S. Note the pages from New York Post newspaper that have been posted on the wall at the left of the image — the pages contain follow-up news articles reporting the police capture of Nicole’s murderer. (See the New York Times Article about the murder of Nicole duFresne.)

Ivan Corsa Photo