We’re not sure how to decipher this tag in Noho, NYC. Our best guess is that it’s either “On Time” or “One Time.” In any case, we’ve never seen a tag resembling it anywhere else in lower Manhattan. The angular styling of the letters makes this one stand out from the rest.

Background Note
There’s lots of skyline and rooftop graf in that semi-real, un-neighborhood-like downtown Manhattan neighborhood known as NoHo (for “NOrth of HOuston St.,” as opposed to SoHo and “SOuth of HOuston St.”). Here’s a good example. The nabe’s chic decrepitude and broken-up cobblestone streets are a vermeer of authenticity behind which are some of the largest, most expensive and well-appointed lofts and condos in all of New York City. Thoroughly gentrified and spacious, NoHo is a tiny enclave (of mostly converted 19th-century industrial buildings) that has managed to retain several generations of graf and street art new and old, in spite of the moneyed shops, bars, restaurants and residents that call the area their home.

Ivan Corsa Photo