Above is the closer-up detail photo of the some Lower East Side street art.

Background Note
Ludlow St., that increasingly high-rent and noisy tenement canyon in the booming Lower East Side of New York City, is home to lots of graf and street art. Pictured here is an acrylic painting on wood affixed to a light post on Ludlow between Stanton and Rivington streets. The image is a profile portrait of a man whose face in made of metal or steel like some kind of comic book cyborg hipster. “Curls” is signed twice on the image. We don’t know if that’s the signature of the artist or the scrawl of some third-party passersby. In the rapidly gentrifying LES, where talk these days is sometimes as much about condos, apartment sales and real estate than it is art and music, it’s great to see that street art is still alive and well in the nabe.

Ivan Corsa Photo