We want to take moment to give a big shout-out to Cassidy Curtis at the Graffiti Archaeology Project. Cassidy correctly identified for the us the writer of some graf we posted about here at Global Graphica a couple of weeks ago (see BK with Skulls, East Village, NYC) . We were unable to identify the graf by “Booker” (a.k.a, “Readmore”), and at the time had speculated that the writer may have been “Beke” or “Beko.” Of course, on hindsight inspection of the image, we spotted a second, unstylized tag that clearly says “Booker” in the upper right of the image. Somehow we failed to connect the dots the first time. Anyway, a big Global Graphica “Thank you” to Cassidy. If you have a second, we highly recommend you check out Cassidy’s Grafarc.org website — it’s a very cool project.

BK with Skulls, East Village, NYC [Global Graphica]
Graffiti Archaeology – Grapharc.org