Went to Nolita on Sunday to get our hair trimmed and came across this recently posted wheatpaste by Matt Siren. Love the high-contrast black-and-white illustrative style. Reminds us of that character “Emily.” Or a character you might find in a indie graphic novel. This piece of street art (or guerrilla marketing) is on Elizabeth Street near Prince Street. On the west side of the block are three or four small buildings that have yet to see the effects of the larger gentrification of the neighborhood, which is is now one of downtown Manhattan’s most desirable and trendy (and expensive) nabes. The buildings are mostly unused, decrepit and bombed with graf, street art and ad bills, and stand out like a sore thumb in an area filled with fashionable real estate, luxury apartments, and gut-rennovated condos and lofts.

Kicks on our feet: Adidas “Gerd Muller” – Beige w/ Green

Muzik on our iPod: Royksopp “Melody AM”

Ivan Corsa Photo