Our girl “Claw” strikes again. This time with the “F.C.” signature. Go figure. This up is on a wall along Crobsy Street, the last of the great, dirty SoHo backstreets. Though this canyon-like lane looks largely untouched by the rampant commercialization that has made most of SoHo, in effect, a large outdoor shopping mall, looks are indeed deceiving. There’s is a Starbucks, a Bloomingdales and MoMA store along Crosby, not to mention the multimillion-dollar loft apartments and condos occupied by celebs like Lenny Kravitz and Courteney Love. But there’s still lots of graf and grime to remind us what SoHo was more or less like circa 1980. And graf writers like Claw lend it a degree of artistry in keeping with the nabe’s original re-generation by artists back in the day.

Sneakers at the time: Puma “Easy Rider”
Muzik at the time: Deerhoof “Green Cosmos”

Ivan Corsa Photo