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“Dr. Sex” at the Slipper Room


Here’s a nice up by “Dr. Sex,” whose tag is no stranger to the Lower East Side, in New York City. We found this tag on Orchard St. at Stanton on the front shutter of the popular bar and cabaret club the Slipper Room. The club was opened at the height of the dotcom boom by the founders of Razorfish, the biggest web design agency, that is, until the tech bubble burst a few years ago and the company was swallowed up in a merger. Anyway, the Irish rock band U2 filmed a music video on location at the Slipper Room a few weeks ago.

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Currently listening to: Iggy & the Stooges’ “Search and Destroy”
Sneakers on my feet: Puma “California” (w/ Velcro strapping)

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Snapped this bold and tidy up by Katsu in Soho, on a wall along an alleyway amid the lofts.

Style Notes
Kicks we were wearing at time of photo: Puma 5000M
Music to which we’re currently listening: Deerhoof “Green Cosmos” CD

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Nomadic Museum by Shigeru Ban, New York City 10


NYC was recently treated to the work of experimental Japanese architect Shigeru Ban, who is known for his use of low-cost, re-purposed and recycled materials to create stunning cleverly designed structures. These buildings can be built and torn down quickly. Pictured above and below in this Global Graphica series, is Ban’s Nomadic Museum on Pier 54 in lower Manhattan. The Nomadic Museum was designed for a massive exhbition of photos and film by the artist Gregory Colbert. The structure is a long cathedral-like building that fills the full length of what was disused pier on the Hudson River. The museum’s walls are made of box-car-sized shipping containers, which still bear the colors and logos of the shipping companies that once used them to ferry goods across the world’s oceans and seas.

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Blank Canvas 01


Time Magazine is engaged in an unusual billboard advertising stunt. On a white fabric screen hanging from the side of a building at Houston and Wooster streets in Soho, a large colorful tag has been aerosoled. The graffiti is first rate and unhurried (unlike a lot of “ups,” which are often written with hasty economy). The artist, or “writer,” is Cope2 (or “CopeII”), a well-known veteran of the NYC-graf underground. According to sources, the idea is that each week, more aerosol art will go up on the screen. By the end of a month, Time magazine’s branding will go up in the space. Now who said advertising wasn’t fun anymore? We’ll document the series here on Global Graphica in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

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Castle Garage, West Village


Found this faded massive advertisement on the side of a building in the far West Village, where the hood morphs into the Meatpacking District. This sign is really old. The neighborhood must have been quite different back when this ad pushed parking space and a car dealership. The nabe has changed dramatically since the sign was put up and the car dealership — despite our best search — no longer exists. Now the area has the most desirable apartments, brownstones and townhouses in New York City and — per square footage — the most expensive residential real estate in all Manhattan. That real estate boom and the local trendiness of the Meatpacking Distirtc has fueled the numerous nearby loft conversions.

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ALife Guerrilla Mixed Media


Okay, this is as originalas this stuff can get. Alife, the style collective whose inspired Lower East Side store stocked all sorts of cool sneakers and tees by the various likes of Paul Smith and Nike, has been on a sticker bender recently, but here we have what could pass as a mixed-media art experiment in and of itself. We found this in the ultra-trendy Meatpacking District, formerly a mostly industrial-commercial area that is now home to multi-million dolar condos and luxury loft, as well as high-end boutiques, restaurants, clubs and hotels. New York never fails to offer contrast — street art as guerrilla marketing set amid the beef-packaging warehouses and ultra-hot urban real estate.

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