Real estate is an obsession for most New Yorkers. Even those not actively in the land development game — most of us — or even those not in some way invested in property seem to be conversant in the the current goings-on of New York City real estate, especially its more high-profile and symbolic architectual monuments. Which leads us to another obsession — the more high-brow and massively visbile idea of architecture and its politics and economics in a place like NYC. Pictured above, is one such piece of architecture and real estate. The buildings known as 171 and 173 Perry Street are almost identical twin towers with “raw” luxury residential lofts inside. They were designed by the influential architect Richard Meier, whose reputation rests mostly on a portfolio of other beautiful, contemporary designs that involve a lot of glass and white space. At any rate, these lofts condos, which are in the semi-industrial far West Village facing the Hudson River, have had a lot media coverage in part because of the A-list celebrities that have bought in to the property before its development was even completed. The apartments, naturally, offer tenants stunning views and are something to view in and of themselves and sell for several millions of dollars each.

Ivan Corsa Photo