Almost every major city of the developed world seems to now have an Apple Store. Tokyo? Got one. New York? Of course. Paris, Yup. Los Angeles? No. “No?” you say. “What?” you ask, “LA doesn’t have an Apple Store?” OK, let’s clarify: LA doesn’t have “an” Apple Store; it has TWO Apple Stores, which makes the City of Angels one of the best places on the planet to hunt down an iPod, iMac or iWhatever directly from the source. Here is a shot of the Apple emporium at The Grove, the hugely popular outdoor shopping mall that looks like Disneyland’s Main Street, but planted in Hollywood’s Fairfax district. The second LA Apple shop is in Santa Monica, at another outdoor shopping mall called Third Street Promenade, which is a comfortable place to surf the Internet for free, or test drive digital cameras and contemplate that Mac iPod or iWhatever you want so badly.

Typhoon Photo