The winter holidays are now a distant memory, but we had to post this image taken New Year’s Day 2005. Surrounded by New York University in the heart of Greenwich Village, the famous arch honoring U.S. President George Washington sits on the northern edge of the aptly named Washington Square Park. The large Christmas tree in front of the monument is a grand seasonal touch that compliments a recently restored arch. Until a year ago or so, the structure was surrounded by a cheap, run-of-the-mill chainlink fence. This barrier was an eyesore and a shockingly undignified way of protecting such a stately historical landmark from would-be vandals. Washington Square Park itself has gone through as much of a transformation in the past couple of decades. As recently as a decade ago, the neatl-appointed square was well-known as a reliable spot for buying illicit herb. The park continues be a space abuzz everyday with chess players, street performers, joggers, and musicians. You may notice on fair-weathered weekdays a lot of people working on Dell laptops (there’s a free wi-fi hotspot here) or typing into Blackberry handhelds or talking into their Smartphones–the park is like an outdoor office space for NYU students, professors and technology geeks.

Ivan Corsa Photo