Two buildings on two corners at opposite ends of the same block along Spring St.–one at Elizabeth St., the other at Bowery–are locally famous for constantly being covered with street art, graf and the ephemeral graphics of ambitious guerrilla marketing. Fresh material goes up on the walls of these buildingsContinue Reading

What does a giant, ferocious feline and the Messiah have in common? Well, if you walk down Rivington St. (which seems to be increasingly the focus of our Nikon cameras in recent weeks) in that gray zone between SoHo and the Lower East Side, you’ll find out. On the southContinue Reading

This weighty tag on a storefront shutter on Rivngton St., between Bowery and Chrystie, has lost some of its luster, but is still an excellent example of the aesthetic style and cryptic lettering usually found in large “throw-ups.” Though a bit faded, the tag has survived mostly intact for atContinue Reading

One of our favorite New York City street artists is Bäst, whose work has been featured here before and will likely appear again in the future. We snapped this recent work by Bäst on Prince Street in Soho, about a block from the Apple Store. This black-and-white wheat-pasted poster usesContinue Reading

You see a lot English signs in downtown New York City in front of shops offering acupuncture, massage and East Asian medicinal and health treatments. The closer to Chinatown one gets, the more frequent the signs appear, until, in Chinatown itself, the English mostly disappears from such signs altogether. InContinue Reading