Within a couple of days after salsa-music singing queen Celia Cruz passed away last year, this memorial mural went up on a wall facing East Houston Street near Avenue B. The area has quickly gentrified in recent years, but still retains the flavor of the Puerto Rican community that stillContinue Reading

Like characters out of a children’s book, these illustrations of anthropomorphic animal characters look like they were drawn with a Sharpie pen. They appear without any context other than a graffiti-covered surface. We haven’t seen these critter drawings anywhere else so they may be a one-off attempt at artistic expressionContinue Reading

For the graf writer, a clean storefront shutter is a tempting blank canvas just asking for Krylon. The shutters pictured here look fairly new, so you’ve got to pity the owner who’s just had them installed. There may be debate about whether or not this kind of graf is art.Continue Reading

On Rivington Street in lower Manhattan, we saw this advert promoting a new album release by Utada Hikaru, a major Japanese pop star. She rose to fame with a series of chart-topping dance pop tunes four years ago. But unlike most young J-pop idols, Utada wrote her own material andContinue Reading